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01 DECEMBER 2017

Why Your Handmade Business NEEDS Bangin’ Product Photos

What’s in a photograph?

They say a picture speaks a thousand words, and no truer were the phrase than in the world of ecommerce.

Your pictures are as close as your customer is going to come to your products before they make a purchase. You can write all the beautifully crafted copy in the world, but if your product images are rubbish, ain’t nobody buying yo’ stuff!

A picture speaking a thousand words

It has also been said that people are lazy. And no truer were THAT phrase, than in the world of ecommerce.

When you saw the link to this blog in the newsletter, or on our home page banner, you didn’t even bother to read the headline (much less the small text that told you what the post was about) until the supporting image caught your attention. Did you? Because reading words is hard.

We’d much rather judge a book by its cover, a bottle of wine by its label artwork (who really reads about the chocolate nose and earthy undertones?), and a handmade product by its product photos. That’s just the truth!

Stop and look: Ceramic bowls photographed to catch attention

So how, with all us lazy consumers out there trying to make a purchase with as little effort as possible, is a maker like yourself going to win (and keep) their attention and make sales? Well a complete answer to that is complex, but the first place to start is with your product images.

You may have read Meredith’s blog post some time ago, about an online photography boot-camp she ran and how successfully Arabella from Bushwalk Candles (formerly ARL Designs) applied its lessons. But what was the real impact of that boot-camp on Arabella’s business?

So glad you asked..

A shadowy image of a vintage teacup

An early photo of Arabella’s pre-boot-camp

In the 3 months after her photography boot-camp Arabella’s average monthly sales increased by 150%.

A teacup candle set against a clean white backdrop

Boot-camp stage 1: perfect lighting against a simple white backdrop

After re-branding her store and further improving her styling and photography (all by herself I might add), she saw a further 180% increase in sales in 6 months.

Arabella’s styled shot of a scented teacup candle post-boot-camp

Say more about your product with styling but the product should be the hero

Even though Christmas is by far the busiest time of year on Made It, Arabella’s monthly sales average in Winter and Spring increased by a whopping 600% compared to the previous Christmas.

A bush Christmas candle styled with cinnamon, foliage and some sparkle

Arabella got more adventurous after mastering the basics and launched a whole new brand

Granted, Arabella has done more than just upgrade her images. She’s worked hard on building a new brand identity, and worked hard to market that brand, and now she’s getting return clients, but the message here is that the effort you put into your brand has an undeniable impact on the success of your business. And the first interaction most Madeit customers will have with your brand, will be with your product photos.

Woman using a camera

So where to from here? A good place to start is to hit up the Madeit sellers Facebook group for some feedback from your fellow makers on the current state of your store, or even just a single product photo. Also, jump onto our Oh Snap Pinterest board for some great product photography articles and resources.

Have a look at Meredith’s photography boot-camp blog post to see more of Arabella’s photographic journey, and keep your eye on our new blog as we’ll be working on adding some more resources to help you improve your product photography.

And don’t forget to pop over to Arabella’s Madeit store for some great examples of product photographs done well!

Keep in mind, that although it seems daunting, you CAN take great photos of your creations yourself, without spending a heap of money. Start simple, experiment, be brave, and with a bit of practise it might even become another creative outlet for you to enjoy!

Words by:
Madeit Editor, Louise

Louise (a.k.a. “Mrs Madeit”)

Wordsmith, art & craft enthusiast, and grand-visionary.

  • TheVeryCraftyKat

    Thanks for this blog! Working on styling my products is going to be a goal of mine coming into the new year :)

  • madeit

    Glad you found something useful in it TheVeryCraftyKat. Your product shots are already improvivng - well done!

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