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Leina Broughton | Owner & CEO

Welcome to Madeit and thank you for choosing to support and embrace Australian Handmade ❤️

In April 2023, I became the very proud owner of this space and have committed myself to ensuring that we make Madeit the go-to platform for Australian Artisans: simplifying and supercharging their online presence.

I am a Creative at heart with an endless fascination with technology. Anything is possible in the world of digital and when you combine this with a handmade heart & soul, it makes this next chapter one of limitless opportunity.

I started my fashion label in my garage in 2010 with a passion for creating but absolutely no clue about how to scale or build my business. I started it before the digital era and in the process of embracing online I became an expert. In 2022, I sold my share in the very successful business and was able to move into a future of freedom and possibility, and here I am.

Madeit is truly unique ~ like the thousands of handmade creations you'll find here. We believe in collaboration, sharing ideas and focusing on collective success.

Leina Broughton | Owner & CEO

It takes a Village ⭐️

Here at Madeit, we believe that it takes a village to truly do great things. We deeply value collaboration and the incredible individuals who breathe life into our vision. These remarkable collaborators, each with their unique strengths and expertise, play a pivotal role in shaping the Madeit experience. Through their contributions, we've been able to foster a platform that champions Australian artisans and celebrates craftsmanship.

We're immensely proud and grateful for their dedication, and we invite you to discover more about them through the shared images and links.

The Madeit Collaborators

Bec Arthur

Help Hub & Customer Success

Artisan - Becreates

Sue Bathgate

Social Media

Sue's Fitness World

Stacey Dwyer

Facebook Group

Artisan - Stacey's Knitwits

Madeleine Wood

Web development


Madeit History

Madeit was birthed in 2007 in a small beachside town called Yamba, approximatey 170 kms south of the NSW/Queensland border. Husband and wife team; Bec and Jayce decided to build an online directory for Artisans and Crafters. To take you back in time, that was when Facebook was only just starting to take off in Australia and the very concept of Ecommerce was just starting to emerge.

The original platform was a custom build that used ASP Net as the foundation. Somewhere on the other side of the world the very famous Etsy was also being formed. The beginning of a new world.

2015 - 2023

In 2015, Lennox Head business owner Louise McCauley became the owner of Madeit. Having spent many years in the male-dominated oil and gas industry in WA in a technical role, Louise was no stranger to defying the odds.

Lou came into Madeit and helped transition the site to be a subscription model and systematically worked through the custom site making it work seamlessly with social platforms.

After transforming the platform, Lou decided to sell her beloved Madeit and make the move into Property Development, her next adventure!