5 Handmade Gift Wrapping Ideas

Gift-giving is an art form, a gesture of love, friendship, or appreciation that brings joy to both the giver and the receiver. In a world bustling with mass-produced items, adding a personal touch through handmade gift wrapping can make your presents even more special.

And what better way to compliment a gift than with packaging that’s crafted with as much care and creativity as the gift itself?

Here are five unique handmade gift wrapping ideas from the talented Australian artists at Madeit that will elevate your gift-giving to an art of its own.

1. Tie it up with Tea-Dipped Cotton Ribbon

Imagine the delicate touch of a tea-dipped cotton ribbon, graced with subtle prints, wrapping your gift in a hug of vintage charm. This beautiful creation by The Layered Page is perfect for those who value the beauty of handcrafted details. Pair it with simple brown wrapping paper to enhance the artisanal vibe.

Pictured below: Hand dipped Cotton Ribbon by The Layered Page

Try tea dipped ribbon to add the finishing touches on your gifts.

2. Handmade Reusable Gift Bags

In the spirit of sustainability and style, reusable gift bags are not just a wrapping but a gift in themselves. Crafted with care and designed to be cherished long after the unwrapping, these bags embody the beauty of giving and the responsibility of eco-friendliness. Wrap your gifts in these bags and take pride in knowing that your choice helps reduce waste and encourage sustainable living.

Picture below: Reusable Bags by Uniquely Orchard

Reusable Gifts are stunning and sustainable!

3. Add a little cheek with gnomes!

For a cheeky twist, why not trying adding a gnome or 3? Whether it peeks out of the pages of a book or adds a playful element to a potted plant, this charming creation is sure to bring a smile to your recipient’s face. It's a delightful addition that infuses a touch of personality and creativity into your gift.

Picture below: Cheeky gnomes by Tui Dots

Cheeky handmade gnomes to dress up your gifts

4. Crocheted Gift Tags

Who says wrapping needs to be wrapped? Crocheted gift tags express heartfelt sentiment without the need for traditional wrapping. These tags can be simply tied to your gift, serving as a declaration of love and a keepsake that can adorn your loved one’s personal space long after the gift has been given.

Picture below: Paper crocheted tags by The Paper Stack

Hand Crocheted Gift Tags

5. Handmade Paper

Take the artisan route with handmade paper tags, each piece a canvas featuring Australian native leaves and flowers. These tags are more than just a placeholder for a name; they are a piece of art, infusing local flora into your gift and wrapping it with a layer of natural beauty and sincerity.

Picture below: Heart plantable tags by Born in Paper

Handmade Paper Tags

Wrapping it All Up

The ideal wrap can turn your present into a statement of care, creativity, and consciousness. Each time you choose a handmade wrapping option, you celebrate Australian craftsmanship and embrace eco-friendly practices. So, as you pick a unique gift from our array of talented artists, let these inventive wrapping ideas be the finishing touch that says you care - for your loved one and the planet.

Join us in the movement where every handcrafted piece from Madeit isn't just a gift, it's a step towards a more sustainable and art-appreciative world.


Leina Broughton | Owner & CEO of Madeit

Leina Broughton

Owner, CEO & Creative Director | Madeit.com.au

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Patricia Smith

Patricia Smith

Received my order of earrings from Dani.L Handmade.
So colourful and Christmassy. Lovely.

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