What are Collectables?
Handmade collectables are unique items crafted by artisans, valued for their craftsmanship and artistic expression.
Australian Collectable Artist, Bissy Made This

There is something profoundly comforting about the timeless appeal of collectables. These treasures, often crafted by skilled Australian artisans, hold a special place in our hearts and homes.

From intricately handmade figurines to breathtaking sculptures and captivating artworks, the allure of Australian collectables knows no bounds.

Timeless Treasures in Every Corner

They serve as focal points that spark conversation and evoke emotions, turning an ordinary room into a sanctuary of beauty and inspiration.

Whether you’re looking to buy collectables that resonate with the rich history of Australian handmade art or simply add a touch of elegance to your space, each piece tells a story of exceptional craftsmanship and artistic vision.

Here are a few featured in our handmade collectable collection;

Australian Handmade Collectables

Collectables are a Legacy of Beauty and Prestige

In the ancient world, collectables were not only objects of beauty but also symbols of power and prestige, often commissioned by rulers and elites to adorn their homes.

Today, these pieces are still admired by us not just as relics of the past but as living testaments to the enduring power of human creativity and imagination. As we gaze upon these ancient artifacts with wonder, we are reminded that the legacy of art knows no bounds and that its beauty will continue to enrich and inspire us for generations to come.

I'm particularly drawn to the beauty of the Egyptian animal amulets. More specifically, the frogs were important to them, crafted to represent the goddess Heket who presided over childbirth.

Here are a few of my favourite collectables I have made.

Handmade Collectables by Bissy Made This

Emotional Resonance in Australian Handmade Collectables

The enduring appeal of art collectibles lies in their ability to evoke a myriad of emotions and sensations, from awe and admiration to introspection and contemplation. They are often admired for their beauty and artistic merit by young and old alike, allowing individuals to express their personal tastes and interests.

As an art collectibles maker, I understand the importance of evoking love in each piece. The viewer should feel an emotional connection with the work. Once the creative process is complete, all that is left to do is capturing all that emotion into one single photo.

A Piece of Love in Every Collectable

Simply put, collectables for me are powerful little pieces of love, imbued with the spirit and dedication of Australian artisans.

By Bissy Made This.

Australian Collectable Artist, Bissy Made This

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