Buyer Terms  

[last updated 30 August 2023] 

Welcome to Madeit, we are thrilled that you are here! Our passion is to creativity, artistry, uniqueness. We love handmade and original artistry. Our mission is to provide a friendly and positive space for artists and buyers to meet, in an online marketplace, where artists can sell original work directly to buyers. 

Our buyer terms, along with our website terms, and our privacy policy (“our terms”) are designed to let you know what we do, why and how we do it; and how to have a great buying experience via Madeit. Our terms are binding when you ask a question or buy from a seller on our website. 

If we need to, we update our terms, to help you find the most recent update, check the latest updated date above. 

As you enjoy connecting with sellers, here is what we want you to keep in mind: 

1 . Buyer FAQs 

Our FAQs, provide extra information and buying tips. If it has been asked before, chances are you will find the answer to your question there. 

2 . Product Information 

Product enquiries are super easy, you can ask seller’s directly on the product page. We ask sellers to keep their product, pricing, and shipping information up dated and accurate. If you are unsure, make sure you ask the seller before you complete your purchase. 

We also ask sellers to be original, to be the creator, or if they collaborate with another artist, to make sure they substantially contribute to the work. We do this because we want to keep true to our mission of supporting small artists and creators, rather than mass produced products which can be bought elsewhere. 

Because each handmade item is unique, variations can occur. These could be in colour, size, texture – simply put, no two items are likely to be identical. This is part of the joy of purchasing a handmade product. Just keep in mind that sometimes colour differences might occur when you look at a product online (different computer screens might play a role in this). Ask the seller if you are unsure about the product, or you need a handmade product to be customized for you. 

3 . Who are the sellers

Sellers are artists who want to sell their work directly to buyers. They are not our employees or contractors; they are artists running their own small business. 

Remember always to do your homework when deciding if a product is what you are looking for. Ask as many questions of a seller as you need to. 

4 . Who can use MadeIt

Anyone can visit our website, ask questions of sellers, and buy seller products. Our website is available for anyone, although it is designed to be used by adults, or with adult assistance or supervision. Please ensure that you supervise your children’s purchases and assist your children if they are purchasing products.

Madeit is specifically for Australian Artists selling and shipping within Australia. We do not offer international shipping through this platform.

5 . Purchases 

Buying handmade directly from Artists should be easy! Madeit provides a marketplace for you to find the handmade product you want. Payments are then made through our shopping cart. This means that sellers are able to dedicate more of their time to making (rather than running a shopping cart). 

Not all sellers are registered for GST. If a seller is not registered for GST, then GST is not charged. Sellers will display on their product page whether GST is charged or not. 

Your bank or credit card provider might add fees to your purchase. This is not in our control (or the seller’s), so just be sure to check that you know these fees (if any), before completing the shopping cart as sellers (or we) are not able to refund fees your bank or credit card provider might charge you. 

Sellers will not ask you to pay them directly. Do not pay sellers directly. Payments must be made through our shopping cart. Your purchase is shipping (or ready for download) when your purchase is complete via our shopping cart. 

6 . Secure payments

We take care in making sure payments are secure and to do this we use industry standard encryption on our website, including our shopping cart, to keep your personal information secure throughout the payment process. 

We do not permanently store your bank information or your credit card; card or bank information, and while we take all reasonably and necessary steps, we will not be liable for any damages or losses (whether direct or indirect) caused if your payment method, card, or account is used fraudulently or if your payment incurs addition fees and charges. Please be sure to notify your bank or credit provider immediately if you suspect that a transaction might be incorrect or fraudulent.

7 . Shipping information

Shipping is easy! Once your payment is confirmed via our shopping cart, we notify the seller to deliver (or to make the download available). 

As we do not make shipping arrangements ourselves, we are not involved in handling this process or tracking orders or deliveries. Please contact the seller if you are unsure of estimated delivery information or are experiencing a delay. 

Sellers will display shipping costs before you complete your purchase. Generally, there will be no additional charges. In our experience, any additional costs are usually incurred because of out of date or inaccurate delivery information. Make sure your delivery details are accurate and that you make any necessary arrangements if an item is considered valuable or time of delivery is important. For example, you could ask the seller if they offer insurance to cover shipping and what cost this would be. Or you could make sure that you have your own insurance arrangements in place.

Remember, shipping relies on third parties such as couriers and Australia Post. Delays that are outside of the control of you or the seller can occur. 

If you suspect a delivery has been lost or stolen, contact the seller immediately (or the shipping provider). 

Sometimes buyers have a special occasion or time frame in mind for delivery. Sellers will try to accommodate special requests but make sure you provide enough time between placing your order and when you ideally hope to receive it. 

8 . Returns

Australian Consumer Laws are important to us, and we require sellers to comply with these laws and to be fair and courteous in their dealings with you. You can find out more about returns under the Refunds, Repairs and Replacement heading below. 

In the unusual event that you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, if we are asked to assist by providing information, we will comply with all reasonable, lawful requests of us to disclose information that might help you and seller resolve an issue. 

9 . Refunds and Returns Policy

Australian Consumer Law provides rights and protections for consumers:

  1. if a product is faulty or damaged and cannot be used for the intended purpose, stop using it and immediately notify the Seller; 

  2. if a product has been misuse, mishandled, lost, or damaged through no fault of the Seller, your rights might be affected. You must act reasonably when installing, using, or maintaining any product and not use or install any product in a way that is inconsistent with its intended use, storage, or care;

  3. we refer product issues and requests directly to the Seller. We ask that you give the Seller a reasonable opportunity to rectify or resolve any issue before you take legal action. We consider that 21 days is a reasonable time for Sellers to respond to requests for repair, replacement, or refund.

10 . General Disclaimer

We aim for our website content to be accurate and up to date but do not accept any responsibility for errors or omissions, this includes where a product or price has been advertised by a Seller in error. We rely on the accuracy of the information uploaded by a seller. If you have any concerns about the accuracy of this information, please tell us. We are not liable for any loss of damage that may arise, or any costs incurred, because of inaccurate or misleading seller product information or imagery.  

11 . Product Disclaimer

Please ensure you have made all enquiries about the suitability, use, storage, care, and maintenance of any product you purchase from a seller.  You must make your own enquiries to determine the suitability of a product for your intended use. We make no warranties, promises or representations that any product purchased will be suitable for your intended use. 

Subject to Australian Consumer law and to the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, handmade products are unique, individual products that are provided ‘as is’ basis, without warranty or condition of any kind. Handmade products can include antique or vintage items that have been repurposed or upcycled. We cannot guarantee the value of the product that you purchase or that it represents fair value for the price that you pay. We cannot guarantee or promise that altering an antique to create a handmade product will increase or will not reduce the value of that item. 

The safety of products is important. Ask the seller to provide information if you are concerned about use and suitability, for example, for children. Do not purchase products for infants or small children that have small, moving parts that can be removed or dislodged, or that may represent a choking or other hazard to children or animals. We do not hold this information. Never leave children unsupervised with handmade products that could present a suffocation, choking, allergy or other risk to a child. Ask the seller if you require confirmation of whether a product is safety rated or approved by any government or regulatory body.

To the fullest extend permitted by law we will not be responsible for any injury, loss, damage or death of any person or animal, or damage to any other property, that may occur due to the purchase of a handmade product from a seller via the Madeit marketplace. 

12 . Third Party Platforms 

We rely on third party platforms to operate our website. As third-party platforms are outside of our control, we are not liable for any loss or damage that may be caused or suffered.

13 . Website availability

We do our best to make sure you can shop 24/7. Sometimes interruption occurs which is out of our control. If this happens, please tell us and we can investigate. We are not, at any time, responsible for any delay, outage, loss of access (or loss of) data or information because of your use of our website, any Linked Sites, or third-party platforms. 

We are also not responsible for any disappointment or loss of enjoyment (or any other loss or damage) if the product you wish to buy becomes unavailable on our website for any reason. Sellers do not offer rain checks. Each handmade product is individual and uniquely crafted. For this reason, if it is unavailable to be sold, then you will not be able to order or purchase it. If an item is listed as unavailable by the seller, but subsequently becomes unavailable for sale, your purchase will be refunded. 

14 . Indemnity 

Unless we caused (or substantially contributed to) any loss or claim, you agree to indemnify and defend us from any claims, damages, liabilities, costs, or expenses (including court costs, agency collection costs, and reasonable legal fees to the extent permitted by law) that may occur because of your use of our website or any Seller’s product. 

15 . Limitation of Liability

In all circumstances our limitation of liability applies to the fullest extent permitted by law and shall survive any termination or expiration of these terms or your use of our website. Our aim is for you to have a positive buying experience on our website and for you to enjoy unique or original handmade products. If you have any concerns that are unable to be resolved with a Seller, please let us know so that we can assess if there are any steps that need to be taken to improve the experience of Buyers and Sellers. 

16 . Compliments and Complaints 

We want you to be satisfied with your MadeIt experience. We love to receive compliments and appreciate you sharing your positive experiences with us, your family, and friends. If we have fallen short of your expectations in any way, please tell us first. We value feedback and you can be certain that we always appreciate feedback from sellers and buyers letting us know how to enhance the MadeIt marketplace. 

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