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We are delighted to welcome you to Madeit, Australia’s leading marketplace for original handmade products.

This website is owned by Creative Sun Pty Ltd (ABN 20 665 971 380) trading as is an Australian owned and operated online marketplace, the Madeit website providing a positive space for artists who we call sellers (those who make handmade products) and buyers to meet. 

Terms for all users 

Our website terms of use are common to everyone that visits or uses our website whether you are a buyer or simply curious, an artist or maker, or a guest simply browsing our platform. We have additional terms that apply to buyers purchasing handmade products and maker’s (sellers) who establish a maker’s store on our platform. These terms, along with our privacy policy, are collectively called “our terms” and we would encourage you to read our terms now as they contain important information about how our business operates. If you disagree with our terms, your remedy is to stop using our website. 

Updates to our terms

Occasionally we update our terms. If we do this, the new terms apply once they are posted on our website. Make sure you check for any updates when you use our website. For your convenience you will see that we post the date of our latest update at the top of this page. 

Who we are

We have tried to make our terms and conditions easy to read, but there are a few formalities we need to start with, the first of which is letting you know who are: If you see the words, ‘us’, ‘ours’, ‘Made It’, ‘’ or ‘Creative Sun Pty Ltd’ then we are talking about our business, Creative Sun Pty Ltd (ABN 20 665 971 380) trading as Our contact information is in the table below. 

Our website

If you see the words ‘our website’, then we are talking about the website you are on right now, as well as any other social media we may have. We are also talking about any email we may send you, any newsletter, other websites that we own and operate, as well as any digital / online platforms, apps, or blogs. All the information and images we post are also part of ‘our website’. 

Who uses our website

If you see the words ‘you’, ‘your’, ‘user’, ‘buyer’ or ‘maker’, then we mean you, our valued website and business users. 

Our website users include both buyers and Sellers. So that there is no confusion about these roles, here is how we define them: 

1. Seller:

is a person or business with permission from Made It to list their products and services on our website. Sellers display products that are their own work, original, handcrafted, and genuinely Australian made. Sellers provide buyers with all necessary and reasonable instructions for product care and use. If there is a problem with a product, the maker is responsible for solving the problem with the buyer. Sellers need to be great communicators, but this is expected of buyers also. The handcrafted market is a small, niche artistic community, where creativity is celebrated. We ask that all interactions be courteous and respectful. 

Sellers and buyers manage all product information, pricing, shipping, requests for repair, replacement, or refunds directly with each other. We are not involved in this process unless we are required to do so at law or by reasonable request of a maker or buyer. 

Sellers are responsible for accurately describing and maintaining their ‘store’ on our website and keeping all information up to date. 

Sellers are ultimately responsible for any legal or regulatory obligations associated with the products or services that they offer (including protecting the Sellers copyright and trademark or other intellectual property). 

Please refer to the additional Seller Terms.

2. Buyer:

is someone with a passion for handmade products browsing or using our website to buy original handmade products directly from the seller. Buyers can seek product information by contacting the seller directly via the seller’s product page.  Our website contains a shopping cart that buyers can use if they choose to purchase a seller’s product. Buyers are expected to make full payment for the products and services they purchase and to act reasonably and honestly in their use and care for products once delivered.

Please refer to the additional Buyer Terms.

3. Made It:

We facilitate the relationship between the maker and the buyer by managing our online platform and providing a place the village or marketplace where buyers and Sellers can meet and interact. We are not the artists, creators, or Sellers, and we do not own, make, design, or manufacture any product displayed by Sellers on our website. 

Compliments, Questions, Feedback

Respectful interaction between buyers and Sellers is important to us. Compliments and testimonials are the highest form of gratitude you can give us. We do our best to provide a premium service, but if we fall short, please tell us. 

Messaging us through our Contact Page is the easiest and quickest way to reach us. We do our best to respond to any enquiry within one (1) business day. If it is taking a little longer, you might like to check our Facebook Page where we regularly answer questions, solve problems, and offer tips and advice. 

Here is how you can reach out to us: 

Creative Sun Pty Ltd ABN 20 665 971 380 trading as Madeit

Click this link to message us through our Contact Page

Click this link to message us via our Facebook Page 


Head Office: Tweed Heads, New South Wales, 2485

No unlawful or prohibited use 

We value our website, and you agree not to use it for any purpose that is unlawful or prohibited, either by law or these terms. This includes you agreeing not to use our website in a way that could damage, disable, or overburden it. All communications should be respect, even if you are trying to solve a problem. You also agree not to hack into areas of our website that you do not have access to. 

Our investment in developing a premium online marketplace means that we need to protect it from people or businesses that may want to take advantage of the work we have done. When you use our website, you agree not to: 

  • use our website as a lead generation tool for the benefit of your own business, or to manufacture “lists” in order to help your own business;
  • use it for any internal or external spamming, or other similar actions; and 
  • for those who are tech savvy, not to decompile, reverse engineer, or try to copy or imitate our website or underlying content

Links disclaimer

Our website can contain links to another website, owned or operated by someone else. We call these “Linked Sites”. The Linked Sites are not under our control, and we are not responsible for the contents of a Linked Site. Please remember to locate and read the terms and conditions of any Linked Site (including the Linked Sites own terms of use and Privacy Policy) before you use it. If you receive anything from a Linked Site, remember they are provided to you for your convenience, but that does not mean that we endorse the Linked Site or the services they offer (or that we have any association with its operators). Always do you homework before you decide to use information, products, or services, or to attend events on Linked Sites. You must always decide for yourself what information you rely on and take all reasonable steps to protect your own privacy and confidentiality when using any Linked Site.

Copyright, Trademarks, and other Intellectual Property 

We own the intellectual property rights in the content of our website or has permission to use or display the material on all our website. Just because you can see it on our website does not mean that you can use it. You agree not to use, copy, display, distribute, modify, or use any part of our website for your own purposes, this would include using information or images (as an example) from our website in your own marketing or advertising. You cannot copy our ideas. If you love our ideas and are unsure about what you can legally use, please send us an email: and we will let you know. 


You can access, download, or print material from the website for your personal use only for example as a gift ‘wish list’ or printing a copy of the order you have placed. It does not mean downloading or copying our images or information for your own business or another purpose of your own (this may infringe our copyright). Sharing our information and images, without permission, is a good example of copyright infringement. Using our information for your own commercial profit is another example where you would need our permission in writing. Changing or deleting our information or the materials downloaded from our website is also prohibited. 

General Disclaimer 

We are not the manufacturer (or maker) of any of the products and services on our website. To the fullest extent permitted by Australian Consumer Law, we cannot be held responsible for any loss related to your use of our website, or the sale or purchase of goods or services via our website. 

While we aim to provide uninterrupted, error free access to our website, sometimes disruptions can occur. Please be patient with us. The first step is to tell us if there is an issue that you are having trouble resolving, and if it is within our control, we will take swift action to resolve the issue. 

Sales Disclaimer 

We invest significant effort in ensuring that our website and Sellers product information is accurate, although sometimes mistakes happen. If an error occurs, we will ask the maker to immediately correct it. We may have to correct an error after you place your order. We ask Sellers to be fair and to communicate promptly with you. If you find an error or anomaly before us or the maker, please let us know.

Limitation of Liability

This limitation of liability applies to the fullest extent permitted by law and shall survive any termination or expiration of this agreement or your use of our website or the services found on our website. You acknowledge and agree that our total liability is limited at our discretion to the provision of any services again that we supply, or to a refund equal to the total amount paid by you for those products and services, even if that amount is zero. 


Unless we caused (or substantially contributed to) any loss or claim, or the cause of this was outside of your control, you agree to indemnify and defend us from any claims, damages, liabilities, costs, or expenses (including court costs, agency collection costs, and reasonable legal fees to the extent permitted by law) related to:

  • any content you post via our website or social media
  • your unauthorised use of our website, or products or services included or advertised on any of our website
  • your breach of our terms
  • any interaction between buyers and makes
  • any interaction between makes and other artists or collaborators
  • product listing, sale, shipping, use or distribution

In simple terms, this means that if you cause or substantially contribute to the harm, you will be responsible for paying the costs we incur to have to defend that claim.

Applicable law

Your use of our website is governed by the laws of New South Wales, Australia and you consent to the exclusive jurisdiction and venue of courts in that State, in all disputes arising out of or relating to our website or the services we provide as a online marketplace (including our shopping cart). 


You agree that no joint venture, partnership, employment, or agency relationship exists between you and us from your use of any of our website. This applies whether you are a buyer, maker or a guest browsing our website. 


If any court decides that any part of our terms is invalid or unenforceable, then that part of our terms will be deemed superseded by a valid, enforceable provision that most closely matches the intent of the original provision and the remainder of the terms will continue in effect.

Enjoy browsing the Madeit marketplace and getting to know those who share your passion for handmade, original products ⭐️

Last updated 30th August 2023.