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Miry Clay Designs

28 products

Showing 1 - 28 of 28 products

Showing 1 - 28 of 28 products
Poppy black danglesPoppy black dangles
Poppy white danglesPoppy white dangles
Poppy DanglesPXL_20240417_055840987
Poppy HoopsPXL_20240316_054231293
Miry Clay Designs Poppy Hoops
Sale price$25.00

Bee StudPXL_20240316_053140051
Miry Clay Designs Bee Stud
Sale price$20.00

Poppy StudPoppy Stud
Miry Clay Designs Poppy Stud
Sale price$20.00

Daisy StudPXL_20240316_053311299
Miry Clay Designs Daisy Stud
Sale price$18.00

Sunflower StudPXL_20240316_053242494
Daffodil StudPXL_20240316_053047926
Red Native multi Small StudRed Native multi Small Stud
Mauve Native Small StudMauve Native Small Stud
Red Native StudRed Native Stud
Daisy HoopsDaisy Hoops
Miry Clay Designs Daisy Hoops
Sale price$25.00

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Book pile danglesBook pile dangles
Amazing Love PendantAmazing Love Pendant
Australian Native WreathAustralian Native Wreath
Red Native Small StudRed Native Small Stud
Red Native large Arch DangleRed Native large Arch Dangle
Pencil StudsPencil Studs
Book Stack StudsBook Stack Studs

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