Things to Consider When Buying Wall Art
Australian Artist Sahra Raward

Buying art is a significant decision and, yes, an investment. Starting your own art collection is an exciting adventure, so here are some things to know before you part with your money.

Personal Tastes and Preferences When Choosing Wall Art in Australia

Firstly, consider your personal tastes and where the artwork will be hung.

Art is subjective, so choose pieces that align with your decor and evoke an emotional response. Whether you're looking at wall art in Australia or works by Australian artists, it’s essential to select pieces that resonate with you personally.

Deciding on Placement and Sizing for Your Art

Decide where you are going to hang the piece, as this will determine several factors in your choice. The size, colours, subject matter, and composition are all crucial considerations when investing in wall art.

For a really large wall, a substantially sized piece would fill the space better than a smaller artwork. The colours also need to be considered; for example, a soft pastel artwork may suit a bedroom more than an ultra-modern living area.

Having a general idea of the size and color palette before you start looking will help you narrow down your options and make the best decision for your piece.

Quality and Craftsmanship of Australian Artists' Work

Next, assess the quality and craftsmanship of the artwork. Look for attention to detail, skilful execution, and the use of high-quality materials.

Original artwork should be created with artist-quality paint and on a quality surface like paper or canvas. Artist-quality paints have a lightfastness rating, ensuring the artwork won’t fade over time.

Quality painting surfaces are also prepared before the painting starts to ensure the paint adheres properly. Upon completion, the artwork is sealed and/or varnished to protect it.

Professional Presentation and Framing

If the artwork is framed, it should be done professionally using UV-protected glass, archival quality backing board, mat boards, and tapes.

This will protect the artwork within a controlled, pH-balanced environment. Usually, the artist would have a preferred picture framer they have worked with before, or they can advise on choosing a framer close to you.

Authenticity and Direct Engagement with Australian Artists

An original artwork would be signed by the artist, and its name written on the back of the artwork. It will be accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity, showing the artwork's name, medium, surface, date painted, and their signature. Sometimes a blurb is included—an artist statement about the artwork, the story behind it, and their inspiration for the piece.

Commissioning Unique Wall Art in Australia

If you have a favourite artist but they don’t have a piece in their collection that perfectly fits your decor in terms of size and colour palette, consider asking about a commissioned piece.

A commission is when you engage an artist to create an artwork just for you. You will have a say in the colours, size, and possibly the subject matter. This is usually done through a series of initial concept designs and a number of process and progress photos for you to approve during the course of the artwork being completed.

This is a wonderful way to obtain a piece that perfectly matches a specific place, colour, and style, although expect to pay about 50% more depending on the artist and their career stage.

The Value of Owning Original Art by Australian Artists

When you own a piece of original artwork, you do not own the copyright to it. The artist will always retain copyright ownership of it.

The artist can therefore sell prints and use the digital copy of the artwork however they desire. You, however, own the very valuable original artwork that will become more valuable as the artist evolves in their creative career. Your piece will also grow in value the more it is showcased. There is, and will only ever be, one original—your original that you own forever.

Owning original art is an honour, and starting an art collection is exciting. Start with a small piece, buy what is within your budget, and know that the artist will be forever grateful that you loved their creation.

Australian Artist Sahra Raward


Sahra is an Australian abstract artist, her hand made original artworks are available as wall art, home decor pieces as well as wearable silk fashion statement pieces.

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Australian Artist Sahra Raward

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