Madeit Artist Benchmarks

Welcome to Madeit's Handmade Benchmark!

We're all about celebrating true Australian craftsmanship. This checklist is our way of ensuring that every piece on Madeit shines with genuine creativity and effort. By following these guidelines, you're not only showcasing your skills but also joining a community that values real handcrafted quality.

Please note that meeting the guidelines does not guarantee acceptance onto the Madeit platform, we are a curated artisan marketplace.

~ Please note these benchmarks have been introduced for all new Artists wanting to sell on the platform from 4th October 2023. There may still be some items on the platform that are not quite suited ~

The Madeit Quality Benchmarks

You can verify that your primary residence is in Australia, and that you spend the majority of your time in the country.

To become a Seller on the Madeit platform you must provide your residential address (no PO boxes), your email address and your mobile number. This will never be shown publicly but must be included in your application and remain in the system as part of the terms and conditions.

  • You can confirm that all significant crafting, manufacturing, or production processes of your creations take place within Australia.
  • While materials might be sourced globally, the product's primary value is added within Australia.
  • You must be personally involved in at least 50% of the production process of your creations
  • If machinery is used, it is primarily for tasks that either improve the final product quality or are infeasible by hand.
  • You are able to share images/video of the creative process to verify the authenticity of creation.
  • At least 50% of your product is made from your original artwork
  • If your artwork is printed on a mass-produced item, the artwork must be completely designed by you.
  • Digital fonts and pre-made images from platforms like Canva, cannot be used unless they make up less than 50% of the overall design.
  • I understand that altering someone else's artwork (eg removing backgrounds or re-arranging) is not considered my own artwork.
  • If your product is a digital design or print, you must have created at least 50% of the elements in the design.
  • Please note arranging artwork by others does not equate to your own design
  • For digital collages, the majority of the collage must be composed of images you have taken or artwork you have created.
  • I understand that altering someone else's artwork (eg removing backgrounds or re-arranging) is not considered my own artwork.
  • If your product includes purchased components, you must have either created or significantly altered at least 50% of them.
  • When using beads, charms, or other pre-made elements in jewellery, 50% of the components must be considerably altered at least
  • If you use pre-made patterns from another business to create your products, you must significantly adapt or adjust them to infuse your own creativity
  • Products can not be sold on Madeit that are purely assembled of a pre-made kit.
  • Reselling manufactured items without adding significant handcrafted value is not permitted
  • My products are handmade and not hand-assembled
  • Products must not contain any logos or trademarked symbols of other companies or organisations 
  • If inspired by a well-known logo, the product must be significantly differentiated and not likely to cause confusion with the original.
  • Any product that is inspired by copyrighted characters (e.g., from Disney, Marvel, etc.), is not copying or replicating the character in its entirety
  • Products may echo the essence or theme of a character, but it is an original creation and not an exact or near-exact replica.
  • Derivative works based on copyrighted characters can still infringe on copyrights even if they aren't exact copies.

We are not currently accepting

Items that are processed through a third party as drop ship delivery is not currently being accepted.

As per the new quality benchmarks we are not accepting any products that use logos, trademarks or licensed characters.

Any mass produced items (not made by you) that are being personalised with pre-existing fonts or images (eg from Photoshop or Canva)

Madeit has switched to be a handmade site exclusively. This means that we are no longer accepting internationally soucred craft supplies that are being re-sold.

We are currently not accepting books, dolls or dolls clothes on the platform.

Please note that we are accepting softie-style dolls.

We are currently not accepting hygiene or sanitary products.

Junior creatives are invited to apply to join Madeit when they are are over 18 years of age.

What will you need to apply?

Intakes are opening soon! Make sure you join the waitlist to be in the loop.


  1. Your details including your full name, street address and mobile number. this will not be shared publicly but is a legal requirement of joining the platform.
  2. The application includes approx 20 questions to confirm the origin and that your products meet the Madeit handmade benchmark (this is based on the statements above).
  3. Five images that showcase your products.
  4. Your logo.

The application will take approx 10 minutes to complete.

All applications will take approx 5-10 business days to be reviewed. This may take longer during peak times.

If you are successful, you will receive instructions on how to get set up.

If you are unsuccessful, you will receive an email and you can apply again once your products are at the Madeit required benchmark.

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