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About Inspired by Charlotte

Welcome to my store!
What is my story?
Well I have started by making little bits and pieces for my gorgeous daughter Charlotte and got bitten by a creative bug. I've decided that I can enrich my "stay at home mum" life and create beautiful things for others to enjoy.
Whatever is my current inspiration. Every item is unique.
All my jewellery is designed by me, I love using many many materials but my favourite are raw wood and polymer clay.
It didn't take long to become obsessed with designing and making jewellery and so I started Inspired by Charlotte.
Soon jewellery wasn't enough and I started knitting, crocheting and creating home decor. Which also led to my love of wall decor and voila...stationery and wall art was born.
So in between looking after two busy kids, I hand make all the designs in my home studio in Toowoomba.
I'm going to make everything around me beautiful...