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About Piccalilly Lane Designs

My name is Julie and I'm the artist/creator behind Piccalilly Lane! I live at the beautiful Boondooma Dam in QLD where I spend my time painting, illustrating and making cloth dolls. This store offers the results of my creative and arty endeavours. Here you will find handmade greeting cards and bookmarks of my artworks as well as paintings, illustrations and my pretty cloth dolls. I also offer custom pet portrait commissions which I absolutely love painting for people. Many of my previous customers have lost their beloved pets and I feel honoured that I am able to preserve beautiful memories for them for years to come.

The other side of Piccalilly Lane involves a new creative outlet in soap making! I began this amazing craft just over a year ago and fell in love with it. If you are interested, my other Madeit store is called PiccalillyLane. I would love to see you over there.

If you got this far, congratulations! hahaha.... I do love to talk, especially about my business! If you would like to follow me on Social Media, you can do so on the following links. Thank you again for visiting my store and for your interest in what I do!
XOX Julie