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York St Candle Co

We have always had a love of candles and we're also very passionate about the environment so YORKST is a combination of the two! You should be able to feel good about your purchases knowing you are making the best choice for the environment.

These candles are made with 100% natural soy wax and housed in recycled amber beer bottles, how cool right?!
We use cotton wicks, no metal or lead. And candles are totally chemical and parrafin free. We use cork lids as cork is biodegradable.

I package and ship them using recycled and biodegradable packaging eg. corn packing peanuts and recycled boxes. We also gift them in a muslin bag, which is one of the healthiest fabrics as it is organic and chemical free. Additionally we use cork lids instead of metal as cork is biodegradable.
8 unique unisex scents, great gifts for men or women, or just for yourself.

I hope you love burning them as much we love making them :)