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About Angel Lea Designs

Hi, I'm Anthea! I'm a busy mother, designer, and sewer among many other things! I've always been crafty and have been sewing since a young age when I used to make clothes for my barbie dolls and furnishings for my dolls house. I made a lot of my own clothes as a teenager and now I love to sew for my two kids.

When I first started selling online in 2008 I was making children's clothing. At the time I discovered that there are not many sewing patterns out there that allow commercial use, so I began designing my own clothing. I soon discovered that the design aspect was what I loved doing most, not so much the repetitive sewing of the same items. This led to turning my creations into patterns for other sewers to use and enjoy. I love to see what fabric combinations others come up with when sewing one of my patterns and encourage you to share a photo of any of your creations on my Facebook page so that we can inspire each other! www.facebook.com/angelleadesigns

I also love designing appliques and believe that simple shapes and fabrics make the best appliques. As you can probably tell from my creations, I love spots, stripes and bright colours!

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Thank you for your interest in Angel Lea Designs, I hope you enjoy looking around my shop :)

~ Anthea