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About ForeverForagingArt

Hello to all foragers,
for we all collect something.

ForeverForagingArt is a Mixed Media expression by Perth artist Mandy Barnard, me. As an artist, I have often revolved my creativity around the concepts of collection and arrangement. I spent thirty years arranging custom floral pieces for stores, offices, homes, and special events. And in that time I corralled together techniques, knowledge, and materials to use in my Mixed Media art. I work in many mediums, but Mixed Media is the one I keep coming back to - and so, ForeverForagintArt was formed.

Thank you for taking the time to browse my store. My pieces make great gifts and can beautifully accent any room or desk. My art aims to be a calming reflection of how the environment influences us, visually and physically, and how we in turn influence the world around us.