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About McArthurs Jewellers

My husband, Andrew did his jewellery apprenticeship way back in the early 80s in Brisbane, Queensland. Where he excelled in all aspects of jewellery making, stone setting and design and was awarded honours from the college. Andrew finished his apprenticeship at a small family business in Redcliffe and it was during this time that I met him.
Andrew introduced me to fossicking for sapphires in the Central Queensland Sapphire Fields and I LOVED it! The first sapphire I found was a whopping 42 carat dark blue. I was in - HOOK, LINE and SINKER! We went back year after year for our annual holidays. In 1991, we married and set off on a working holiday around Australia. We didn’t get very far. Our second stop was the sapphire fields (first stop was Carnarvon George) so I could get my sapphire fix. Well, we never left. Over 29 years later we are still here with our own business and sapphire mines.
Designing and making beautiful jewellery with our amazing sapphires is our passion. We can’t wait to get our stones back from our professional gemcutters to see what we have. Different shapes excite us more than the usual round, square, etc. We love what we call free form cut stones. They lend themselves to more unusual styles of jewellery.
Andrew specializes in making unique pieces of hand crafted jewellery. He is highly skilled in designing one of a kind pieces and interpreting the personal designs of his clients. Andrew’s ability to design and make beautifully detailed pieces that highlight whatever stones he is working with is extraordinary!
Living in the heart of sapphire country is both relaxing and exciting. The atmosphere is laid back and the countryside is laden with native animals right at your doorstep. The thrill of finding sapphires never diminishes and nor does the beauty of the Queensland sapphire.