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About Kiddz Curtain Corner

I once worked in a curtain and blind shop and worked with an amazing lady that sure knew how to tizz up a piece of fabric and make it unique. No curtain was ever dull if she got hold of it!!!
Well, I think some of that has brushed off onto myself and after a few light bulb moments Kiddz Curtain Corner has evolved and I am thoroughly enjoying making these lovely curtains and hope you enjoy them too.
I have always been a sewing lady.... but not so much for a few years as I was working full time. However, circumstances change and so here I am once again with the sewing machines out.
I also love digital scrapbooking which is also playing about with detail. Even in my garden I love adding detail.
I have added Curtains on a Budget section. Everyone deserves a second chance, and these curtains are made from pre-loved re-purposed fabric, or may just have a small flaw in the fabric for which they weren't responsible. They are made with the same care and detail as the normal range and still have a lot of cheer to give and just waiting for a new room to call home.