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In August 2019, MR MIST launched to the public for the very first time.

The problem:

There are very few mist sprays created with substantial ingredients. Those that do exist are lost amongst a range of products, an after thought at best. Also, men are alienated because of the branding and messaging.

The solution:

Create a super face mist. Pack with ingredients that make the face feel and look amazing. Keeping men in mind whilst catering to the women who regularly buy and love face mist spray.

The product:

MR MIST is hand made in Sydney, Australia. The super ingredients of each blend have been chosen for a specific purpose. The MR MIST combines the power of hydration and toning to create a truly special beauty product.

Mission statement:

To make you feel fresh as f*** anytime of day or night.

The founder:

´╗┐Adam worked in product and brand for 15 years. He spent years helping brands just like MR MIST succeed in a modern marketplace. With an ethos of quality first, MR MIST is led by a small team dedicated to providing you with an essential part of a daily beauty and self-care routine.

Our location:

The office and lab is based in the suburbs of North West Sydney, Australia.

Our process:

We have worked for months perfecting our 'blends' of face mist. This means we are 100% certain and satisfied with each blend of MR MIST. We make each bottle to order and ship it directly do your door.

We quality control by using laboratory grade instruments to produce each 100ml glass bottle of MR MIST.

Our ingredients are all sourced locally in Sydney, and never outside of Australia.