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About The Essential Cleaner

Welcome to The Essential Cleaner, Natural Cleaning and Body Products made with dōTERRA Certified Pure Essential Oils and all-natural ingredients. We use the best quality ingredients in all our products and organic ingredients where possible.

My name Is Kelly and I started The Essential Cleaner in August 2016 because I wanted to clean my home with natural ingredients as I suffered with chronic allergies, asthma and dermatitis. I was cleaning my shower with bleach (eeeek!) when I had an asthma attack and I decided from that point on that I need to take better care of my health and ensure cleaning didn't kill me!

I couldn't find any natural cleaning products in stores so I decided to make my own. After many months of research and development The Essential Cleaner was born. Essential Oils make perfect ingredients for our natural cleaning products as they have fantastic cleaning attributes. Shortly after, due to popular demand, we started making natural body products.

All our products are chemical free, are not tested on animals, are safe to use around children and are septic tank safe. We use recyclable packaging for all our products.