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Welcome to my store, please have a browse - you may find a Loopz you love or one you'd love to give to someone special.

Big and colourful, long and slender, short & sassy or just plain clazzy there is sure to be one just right for you or someone you love.

Now many people might be thinking Summer and Scarfs don't mix …… but think again
- there are always cool summer nights, particularly after a storm
- shopping centres , the movies, restaurants can have their air con set at what seems like sub zero temps
- planes are the same
- and we all know someone who lives in Melbourne!
With many Loopz being made from Cotton Rayon its a perfect "cool but warm" fabric making a Loopz just the thing to have in your bag for the sudden temperature changes that you can encounter in an Australian Summer, Winter, Autumn or Spring!

You can find Loopz infinity scarfs at the Sunshine Coast Arts & Crafts Shop, 156 Main Street, Montville.
It's lovely spending time discovering all the wonderful locally made handicrafts in the shop as well as all the delights of this picturesque Sunshine Coast Hinterland town.

I'm just in the workroom now, creating some new and upcycled vibrant Loopz especially for you, so come back soon and have a look ….