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About Nchanted Gifts


Well where do I start.

As far back as I can remember I have always loved getting my hands on stuff all sorts of stuff and just turning it into something. When I was a little girl, mum would be making Wedding Gowns or knitting and I would be right in the middle of it all, she would be looking for her pins and I was making some sort of design with them or when she was knitting and counting rows I would start to talk or count with her, this was never a good idea as she would loose count and have to start again. Mum spent a million hours teaching me to knit and still now we sit and knit together.

My grandmother taught me to crochet. We would sit for hours watching my grandfather doing the garden while I would crochet away, back then my crochet was a bit all over the place but nan would say its beautiful you are doing so well, She was so sweet, I am sure she was thinking you should go and help your grandfather in the garden and skip the crocheting.

My studio is an old shed in the garden which was not in use so I cleaned it up through some paint on it, ok lots of paint filled it with all my Etsy and Market items and enjoy everyday I get to spend in there. The studio is open to the public which is really nice to have people come and see my treasures.

Most weekends I go off to the markets and find yarn or special bits and pieces for my clocks, I also sell at the markets which is such a buzz meeting up with other crafters is always good.

I am the owner, designer, curator and maker of everything at N-chanted clocks & Gifts, but I must say that I would not be here on Etsy if it wasn't for my 3 children and parents for their encouragement .

Thank you all for dropping by my shop and learning a little about me and Nchanted Gifts.