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Is Your Baby and Insta-baby?

03 September 2016

Instagram Trend: Is Your Baby an Insta-baby? #alert #cutebabies

So you’re a mother. There are two little terrors, squealing and running after you for some attention whilst you surf Google for some new clothes. Hats off to you, hopefully one day I can handle little terrors myself and still manage to look so damn good.

Despite not being a mum, I certainly know that once you get a chance to look up at your squealing minions, you’ll take a little snap of the disaster that you are ignoring and post it on Instagram. Yes, you’re an Insta-mum. And every second, Insta-babies are hitting up our Instagram feeds and yes, we’re loving it!

Instagram has 300 million active users every month and now shares an average of 70 million photos per day (HootSuite, 2016). That’s plenty of baby pics we are giggling over. But is it really a trend that mothers are obsessing over?

Instagram Trend: Is Your Baby an Insta-baby? Let me show you the irresistibly adorable evidence.

Sonny Blake

The Australian radio host and comedian and his successful author/blogger wife - Hamish and Zoey Blake respectively, have embraced this latest trend with flying colours. Just have a look at their Instagram profiles for yourself. It’s definitely a Sonny Blake domination and it’s just the cutest thing. From eating a gelato, to giggling over fart noises, to having a shower with daddy, to literally just smiling, Sonny Blake is a hit on Instagram due his big blue eyes, chubbiness and adorable little voice. And to be honest we just can’t get enough of it!

Instagram Trend: Is Your Baby an Insta-baby?

North West

I just saw a video post on Instagram by the ultra-famous Kim Kardashian of her little girl North West and her friend Penelope (some other adorable cute toddler) singing, talking, blabbering and dancing on chairs. What? Did I just type that? Yep that’s right, super random but a super overload of cuteness. Despite her Instagram flooding with half-naked selfies, Kim’s baby girl is a superstar due to her Instagram profile and it’s a brilliant way to market her brand, The Kardashians.

Instagram Trend: Is Your Baby an Insta-baby?

Silas Timberlake

Not as famous as his Insta baby friend North West, but definitely a baby to look for! Silas Timberlake, son of the hit American singer Justin Timberlake and actress, not-as-famous-as-Angelina-Jolie Jessica Biel, kills their profile with photos of their now toddler, facing away from the camera. Very clever Jessica! Concealing his identity at a young age makes the world go nuts for more and Justin and Jessica have really mastered the art of “Insta baby” photos.

Instagram Trend: Is Your Baby an Insta-baby?

So why the growing craze?

Well to be honest, Instagram enables ordinary people to feel like celebrities. The fact that ordinary mums and dads can have followers and strangers liking their baby’s photo satisfies egos and makes us feel a little more important. You know your kids are the cutest creatures to ever grace the Earth, but it doesn’t hurt to have friends and family, or better – complete strangers – reinforce that knowledge with a like or an “OMG – cuuuuuute!” comment. Right or wrong, it’s a self confidence booster.

When it comes to celebrities, Instagram is the gateway to marketing their brands, which more often than not, is themselves. The Kardashian name is a prime example. As we skim through Kim’s Insta profile we are lured into not only liking shots of her baby’s girl, but also the ‘Kardashian Kollection’. The whole Kim range is at our fingertips, effortlessly woven into her hashtags, so followers are drawn in by a gorgeous baby photo, and before they know it they’ve purchased a $600 handbag. It’s a great example of successful Insta-baby marketing.

Instagram Trend: Is Your Baby an Insta-baby?

Good or bad?

Probably a bit of both.

Like it or loath it, Insta-babies offer businesses, particularly family businesses, a great opportunity for brand promotion.

For all those Insta-mums and dads, Instagram can not only be a self-esteem booster but more of a marketing tool to help your business or brand engage with current customers and attract new ones. From your own homemade business to your hair salon, Instagram definitely brings in awareness, social recognition and interest – an excellent portal to accessing millions of people, communities and other businesses. More so, it’s hopefully your next step in bringing a few extra dollars!

Whether you’re posting your favourite pics of your cherubs to share with family or to promote your business, there are a few security issues and long term impacts to be mindful of.

Is Your Baby an Insta-baby? Instagram Trend Good or Bad?


For Insta-mummies and daddies posting their kiddies’ ridiculous antics for the benefit of friends and family, one great feature of Instagram is its privacy setting. Setting your Instagram profile to ‘private’ ensures that outside users – people who do not follow you, have no access to posts, and you have control over who has permission to follow you and see your photos. This really helps parents ward off strangers and potential offenders who may cause any harm through comments.

In-App Location Tagging

The ability to tag a location on your Instagram posts can come in handy for businesses, however it can be extremely dangerous when it comes to posting images of minors. A location tag enables the follower to easily find out exactly where and when a picture was posted. As harmless as it may seem at that moment, if you wouldn’t like any of your followers turning up at your doorstep or knowing when you weren’t home, use in-app location tagging sparingly.


Perhaps more concerning, is that many users of social media are unaware that photos taken using modern mobile phones store location information in the metadata of the image, and that this information can be accessed by other people.

Alternatively, in your phone settings, usually under Location Services or Security depending on your phone, you can disable geotagging of images.

The Long Game

Another consideration is how your child will feel when they’re older, about the images of them shared on the internet. Anything shared on the internet is there forever, so always be mindful of your future-child’s sensibilities before you click that ‘Share’ button.

Instagram Trend: Safety Concerns for Insta-babies Instagram and the trend of Insta-babies is undoubtedly growing furiously and although there are some risks to watch out for, the Insta-babies trend is definitely a keeper.

To all the mummies out there, keep up the good work. Just remember, don’t let the dirty nappies pile up!

Words by:
Made It Guest Blogger, Dhwani
Guest blogger,

Dhwani Mathur (a.k.a Dee)

Young and fresh. Suburb girl at heart. Creative genius.

Dhwani is a blogger and content enthusiast for various lifestyle, fitness and educational profiles. She strives on creativity and loves sharing all things life - from business to leisure to everyday stories that makes the heart fuzzy and warm.

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