Does Handmade Make Food Taste Better?

In a world dominated by mass production, handmade tableware offers a unique satisfaction. The idea that eating from handmade items can enhance the taste of food might seem whimsical, but there are compelling reasons to believe it.

The Psychology of Handmade

Handmade tableware can create a more mindful eating experience. Knowing that someone invested time and creativity into crafting your plate or bowl can elevate your meal, making you more aware of the flavours and textures.

Studies show that mindful eating enhances the overall dining experience.

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Aesthetic Pleasure from using handmade dinnerware

Handmade tableware boasts unique designs and beautiful imperfections that mass-produced items lack. These aesthetic qualities can make a meal feel special, as the visual appeal of your food is enhanced. Since we eat with our eyes first, this can psychologically influence our perception of taste.

Connection to the Maker Through Handmade

Knowing the story behind your tableware enriches your dining experience. Whether bought from a local artisan or gifted by a friend, this connection adds emotional value.

You're not just eating from a plate; you're sharing a moment with the artist who created it, adding depth to your meal.

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Handmade Creations Create Sensory Experiences

The tactile experience of handmade tableware can influence your perception of food. The weight, texture, and shape can feel more comfortable and pleasing to hold, enhancing the enjoyment of eating or drinking.

Supporting Sustainability and Artisans

Choosing handmade tableware supports artisans and sustainable practices, giving you a sense of ethical contentment. This positive feeling can translate into a better dining experience, as you eat with a sense of purpose and appreciation.


While the idea that handmade tableware can make your food taste better may not be scientifically proven, the psychological, aesthetic, and sensory benefits are undeniable. Next time you sit down for a meal, consider using a beautifully crafted piece and enjoy the extra layer of satisfaction it brings.

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