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Oils and Essences

46 products

Showing 1 - 46 of 46 products

Showing 1 - 46 of 46 products
Chamomile and Lavender Bath Tea - RelaxingIMG_0602
Free Shipping
Stress relief roller bottleStress relief roller bottle
Free Shipping
Headache relief roller bottleHeadache relief roller bottle
Activated Charcoal Facial BarActivated Charcoal Facial Bar
Free Shipping
Sampler Pack - Aromatherapy ScentsIMG_20231113_165834
Free Shipping
Vanilla Blush - Room SprayVanilla Blush - Room Spray
Free Shipping
Unwind - Room SprayIMG_20221030_162735
Free Shipping
Ease - I'm Blended for Muscle ReliefEase - I'm Blended for Muscle Relief
Free Shipping
Aura - Aromatherapy Scent (10ML)IMG_20231108_222606
Free Shipping
Wild - Aromatherapy Scent (10ML)Wild - Aromatherapy Scent (10ML)
Free Shipping
Vocal - Aromatherapy Scent (10ML)Vocal - Aromatherapy Scent (10ML)
Free Shipping
Bliss - Aromatherapy Scent (10ML)Bliss - Aromatherapy Scent (10ML)
Lip Balm - Peppermint 15mlLip Balm - Peppermint 15ml
Spa Salt Bar - Orange ZestSpa Salt Bar - Orange Zest
Body Butter - Lavender 250gBody Butter - Lavender 250g
Spa Salt Bar - Java BeanSpa Salt Bar - Java Bean
Spa Salt Bar - AwakenSpa Salt Bar - Awaken
Spa Salt Bar - Patchouli & LimeSpa Salt Bar - Patchouli & Lime

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