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Wild Earth

Natural perfumes - pure plant based goodness!

2 items

Jelly's mum's stuff

I love to create items,sewing keeps me sane!!!! all items are made with love and the best quality fabrics brought from Australian designers

9 items

Speckled Hen

Just a couple of gals sewing up a storm to give the world quality creations and bring you some joy!

7 items


Personalised products for children with dietary requirements/restictions/allergies

7 items

Resinate Designs

Resinate Designs, established by local Melbourne-based designer Tracey Talko in 2004, offers a range of unique and affordable resin jewellery for both women and men.

47 items

Treasures by Jen

Handmade resin pieces , ocean inspired abstract art and hand knitted beanies made and designed by me. Treasures by Jen

9 items