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Bissy Made This

If you love beautiful handmade gifts or just looking for something special for your loved one, look no further. www.madeit.com.au/BissyMadeThis

46 items


Handmade, eco-friendly and classy baby and toddler dresses sewn using only reclaimed and upcycled materials.

50 items


i love using different papers and designing various cards. I have also started a craft section of my little shop I work as a AIN in the community for aged care and in my downtime I create handmade cards

42 items

Angel Caprice Jnr

I am a junior seller who has found the passion for sewing. I am a karate world champion but also a girly girl who likes to dress up. I am raising fiends to attend a karate trading camp in Japan.

6 items

Twigs and Figs AU

Twigs and Figs AU is a small handcrafted business, specialising in jewellery and homewares created using cotton sash rope, a unique yet versatile material. I focus on creating truly individual pieces that reflect creativity, colour and boldness.

6 items

Handmade By Sandy

Handmade By Sandy makes quality softies for the little person in your life! We would love to customise any of our cuties for your special person, names, DOB etc..

17 items