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One of a kind handwoven pine needle baskets, inspired by the spiritual elements of my Métis background & other global Indigenous cultures.

19 items
  • Native American-Style Dangle Drop Long Beaded Earrings - "Fertility Antlers"
  • Native American-Style Beaded Earrings - "Frangipani & Amethyst"
  • Boho Dangle Drop Long Beaded Earrings, Tree of Life - "Spring Lavender & Lilies"
  • PERSONALISED Handwoven Pine Needle Spiritual Healing Basket  (Large Sculptural)
  • PERSONALISED Handwoven Pine Needle Spiritual Healing Basket  (MedLrg-Sculptural)
  • PERSONALISED Handwoven Pine Needle Spiritual Healing Basket (Small Sculptural)
  • Native American-Style Dangle Drop Long Beaded Earrings - "A White Winter"
  • Boho Dangle Drop Long Beaded Earrings, Tree of Life - "Summer Leaves"
  • Handwoven Pine Needle Spiritual Healing Basket ~ "Autumn no.2"

Enviro Crafted

We make hand made cards and gifts that are a pleasure to make and a pleasure to receive.

15 items
  • Four ‘Summer Fairies Unique ‘Mixed Media Canvases
  • Set of Three Frangipani Cards
  • ‘Colour, Shape & Size’ Fun Learning Pack
  • Write On Wipe Off Woman’s Week Organiser
  • Two Turned Wild Cherry Spinning Tops (Items DF 084a and b)
  • ‘Leo Star Sign Girl with Leonine Hair’ Birthday Card
  • Miniature Set of Dead Finish Weed Pot and Eccentric Bowl (Item DF 053)
  • A Trio of Dead Finish Tea Light Holders (Item DF078 a, b & c)
  • ‘Cherish, Love and Life’ Three Blank Cards with Vintage Aspects

Annas Creations

Award winning stunning Unique One-Of-A-Kind Creations. Custom handmade Artisan Beaded Jewelry - Perfection4u.

1 items
  • Russian Autumn necklace

Art By Nicole Barros

Introducing a collection of my original watercolour paintings, drawings and prints. I do take commissions. I am a full-time Artist, I have been painting for 29 years and currently teaching watercolours and drawing.

39 items
  • Blue Wren, Print, 8' x 10" Coloured Pencil, Australian Birds,
  • Large Prints 11"x14" or  10"x10"
  • Baby Giraffe - Wall Art, PRINT, Watercolour Painting 8"x8"
Kids prints, Nursery
  • Koi Fish, PRINT, Watercolour Painting -  10"x8"
  • Budgies, Print, 8' x 10" Coloured Pencil, Australian Birds, Budgerigars
  • Field Mouse, Print, 8' x 10" Watercolour, Mouse painting
  • Blue Wrens, Print, 8' x 10" Watercolour, Australian Birds,
  • Kombi Vans, Vintage Cars, Watercolour Painting, PRINT, 10"x8" Art
  • Custom Pet Portrait, Graphite or coloured pencil drawing or watercolour painting

House of Light

Hand painted and hand lettered gift cards, gift tags and wall art.

34 items
  • Watercolour leaves and flowers card -- Pack of 4
  • A4 scripture wall art - Psalm 25:5
  • Watercolour Rose Bouquet
  • Bright & Beautiful - Pack of 4 handpainted cards
  • B-grade A4 watercolour prints
  • Bible verse art - 2 Timothy 2:13
  • Assorted Birthday Cards - pack of 4
  • Watercolour Baby Girl card
  • Thinking of You Daisy card

Pigeon pair Creations

Pigeon Pair Creations is the original home of personalised lanyards, drink bottles and all things vinyl! Be sure to check out our Facebook Page for regular updates! https://www.facebook.com/PigeonPairCreations/

17 items
  • Personalised Drink Bottle 650ml
  • Personalised Drink Bottle 950ml
  • Personalised Drink Bottle 650ml Guzzler Style
  • Custom Labels Medium Size
  • Rush My Order
  • Personalised Library Bag
  • Personalised Drink Bottle
  • Personalised Keyring


A wide range off candles at affordable prices soy wax ,palm wax,bee wax, gel wax and crafts

13 items
  • Glycerin soap  Rainbow 90g
  • Scoopable soy wax
  • soy wax candle white lotus flower
  • pumpkin soy wax candle
  • Bath Bombs 75g
  • Bath bomb 200g
  • soywax melts strawberry & vanilla x 1
  • soy wax crumble x 1
  • Soywax  melts mini cupcakes x2

A Nerdy Crocheter

Colorful handmade totes and pouches! I am a crocheter and love making baby blankets and hats, but sewing and the love for the environment has got me making market bags and totes.

52 items
  • Peacock feather teal print Tote bag, knitting bag, Market bag, beach bag.
  • Aqua triangle print Tote bag, knitting bag, Market bag, beach bag.
  • Orange Trellis Print Tote
  • Polka dot Neon Green print Drawstring bag, cotton bag, knitting project bag.
  • Red and white Tote
  • Christmas holiday red green special Tote
  • Pink vertical stripes Tote
  • Blue Woven print Tote
  • Neon Green and grey polka dot Tote, market bag, knitting bag, green reusable bag

Shazzas Knits

Original knitwear designed and handknit in Tasmania

35 items
  • Christmas Jumper Reindeer Fairisle knit
  • Christmas Stocking
  • Knit Boot Cuffs Legwarmers
  • Knit Boot Cuffs Legwarmers
  • Modern Knit Tea Cosy - in your colour choices custom made to order
  • Fingerless Mitts
  • Beanie Surf Style Traditional
  • Fair Isle Scarf Orange - ready to post
  • Christmas Stocking

Faery Fae

Welcome to Faery Fae I have created crowns to use for play, dance concert, dress up, photo prop, any special occasion to make you feel very regal.

3 items
  • Fairy crown & wand set
  • Fairy crown and wand set
  • Fairy village

Little Yukiko

A mum and daughter team based in Canberra. We keep prices low by rescuing fabric remnants (the small bits at the end of the roll). The good news is when you shop with us you're guaranteed to get something little bit unique and special!

4 items
  • Nappy wallet with change mat - cactus fabric
  • Size 1 boho sundress - cute babushka doll print, rainbow colours
  • Size 1 boho sundress - gold and sky blue kimono style chrysanthemum flower print
  • Size 1 boho sundress - indigo blue with feather print

Building Blessings

Hand-crocheted items for babies and children in modern, vintage and retro styles. Perfect for baby showers, photo props, special events and gifts. All items are washed prior to posting to protect your precious little ones from chemicals.

64 items
  • crochet cowl | mauve | baby shower gift | birthday gift | baby - 10+ years
  • pink daisy blanket, heirloom, wedding, baptism, christening, princess, baby gift
  • Chevron crochet baby blanket | cream, pink, multicolour | gift | baby shower
  • baby boy crochet beanie | grey with outer space rocket | gift newborn - 6 months
  • baby girl crochet headband | tan with tan flower | gift | 3 - 9 months
  • crochet bunting | flag garland | baby shower | nursery | white, yellow, lemon
  • Mug cozy, coffee cosy, cup warmer | watermelon pink  birthday gift, teacher gift
  • colourful granny square blanket for all ages | baby shower gift | birthday gift
  • crochet headband | yellow with rose | gift | girl | toddler | 1 - 5 years

Hanky Fever

Handkerchief: Square of linen, cotton, silk etc. Usually carried in pocket or handbag etc.

73 items
  • Mens Hanky
  • Australian Hanky
  • Australian Hanky
  • Australian Hanky
  • Christmas Hanky
  • Ladies Hanky
  • Mens Hanky
  • Ladies Hanky
  • Ladies Hanky