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Store Search Results

Sewing In Circles

Hand-made gifts for girls and boys and bigger girls too!

129 items
  • Harry Potter library/shopping bag
  • Ladybugs hair clips
  • Spiderman pencil case
  • Telephone booths cross-body bag
  • Telephone booths toiletries bag
  • Rainbow unicorns pencil case
  • Gold pineapples cross-body bag
  • Woodlawn creatures cross-body bag
  • Perfect princess trio hair ties


Individually handmade and hand stamped personalized cards to suit any occasion.

19 items
  • Birthday Card, Hand stamped
  • Congratulations Card,   Hand stamped and embossed
  •  Christmas Card, Hand-made, embossed, die cut
  •  Christmas Card, Hand-made, embossed, die cut
  •  Christmas Card, Hand-made, embossed, die cut
  • Happy Birthday Card,   Hand stamped
  •  Christmas Card, Hand-made, embossed, die cut
  •  Christmas Card, Hand-made, embossed, die cut
  •  Bundle of 6 Christmas Cards - Handmade and embossed

The Bear Cave & Co

Handcrafted body scrubs, using all natural ingredients, nourishing oils and pure essential oils. Made in Melbourne.

4 items
  • Cinnamon and Vanilla Body Scrub
  • Lime & Walnut Coffee Body Scrub - 350g
  • Blood Orange & Black Pepper Body Scrub
  • Himalayan Cedarwood Coffee Body Scrub - 350g


Crafty items from home wares to clothing - all unique and made in small amounts.

14 items
  • Regal Cover
  • Metal Heart
  • Denim Tote
  • Ruffled Up
  • Black Flower Posy Cover
  • Diamond Blu
  • White-Blu
  • Cider Stars
  • Star Twinkle Set


I am a Canadian-born artist currently living in Brisbane, Australia. I weave pine needle baskets inspired by my Native American Indian & Métis roots.

21 items
  • Native American-Style Dangle Drop Long Beaded Earrings - Night Owl
  • Handwoven Pine Needle Spiritual Healing Basket ~ "Clay and Fibre No.1"
  • Native American-Style Dangle Drop Long Beaded Earrings - "A White Winter"
  • Boho Dangle Drop Long Beaded Earrings, Tree of Life - "Summer Leaves"
  • Native American-Style Beaded Earrings - "Autumn Amber"
  • Hand Drawn Coloured Pencil Art Print on Fabric (Australian Wedge-tailed Eagle 1)
  • PERSONALISED Handwoven Pine Needle Spiritual Healing Basket (Large Sculptural)
  • Native American-Style Dangle Drop Long Beaded Earrings - "Fertility Antlers"
  • Handwoven Pine Needle Spiritual Healing Basket ~ "Autumn No.2"

ClayPress Ceramics

Hand built ceramic pieces: either utilitarian or simply beautiful display pieces all with the dominant ethos of unstructured soft lines and natural inspiration. [To read more please go to the 'About' section of my store]

60 items
  • Soap Dish  ~FREE POSTAGE~
  • Ceramic Dish  ~FREE POSTAGE~
  • Ceramic Dish  ~FREE POSTAGE~
  • 2 x Ceramic Dishes  ~FREE POSTAGE~
  • Ceramic Bowl   ~FREE POSTAGE~
  • Ceramic Dish   ~FREE POSTAGE~
  • Platter and Cheese Knife Set  ~FREE POSTAGE~
  • Ceramic Bowl   ~FREE POSTAGE~
  • Ceramic Dish   ~FREE POSTAGE~


I knit with love and care to attention - beanies, slouchy hats, handwarmers, scarves, messy bun hats and patterns

50 items
  • Knitted Beanie Pattern, pompom beanie, knitted hat pattern, beanie pattern, mens
  • Knitted orange infinity scarf, orange cowl, orange chunky scarf, ladies orange s
  • Pink knitted coffee cup cozy, tea cosy, secret Santa gift, coffee cozy
  • Knitted cream beanie, mens beanie, ladies cream beanie, alpaca beanie, chunky be
  • Knitted red beanie, mens beanie, ladies beanie, red alpaca beanie, scarlet beani
  • Handmade orange cup cozy or mug, tea cosy, coffee cozy, mug cozy, orange tea coz
  • Knitted pink slouchy beanie, pink hat,pink ladies beanie, fair isle beanie, blue
  • Knitted mint beanie, mens slouch beanie, ladies green beanie, merino pompom bean
  • Mint green fingerless gloves handwarmers merino texting gloves

The Patcherie

A colourful collection of patchwork items for your home.

77 items
  • Table Runner - Red & Aqua
  • Lavender Sachets - Trio
  • Patchwork Table Runner
- Blue & Yellow
  • Fabric Placemats -
Salt & Pepper
  • Baby Blanket - Black & White Patchwork
  • Cushion - Patchwork No. 2
  • Tote - Blue/Green
  • Hot Pad/Trivet
Orange & Green
  • Lavender Bags -
Lime Green Organic

The Happy Minimum

Planet loving eco friendly products and accessories to help you on your zero waste journey. Made with a mix of new, upcycled and vintage materials. Created with love near a sunny (or sometimes frosty!) window in Canberra, Australia.

11 items
  • Beach bag/ handbag/ reusable grocery bag - upcycled and eco friendly
  • Reusable produce bags - set of four - eco-friendly zero waste shopping bags
  • Cactus and floral handbag, beach bag, shopping bag, nappy bag
  • Reusable shopping bag - cherry print - grocery tote bag
  • Two eco friendly reusable face wipes / reusable make up wipes - gold star
  • Reusable tote bag - chicken, sunflower and green gingham check  FREE SHIPPING
  • Japanese crane handbag - grey, red and white
  • Dragonfly and rose cushion cover 16 inch square - shabby chic / farmhouse decor
  • Navy red and white nautical seagull print handbag - one of a kind fashion

Miller and Blue -The Pantry

Minimalist sweet treats and party accessories. Online store for: 'Miller & Blue- an online bakery'. Registered and insured baker based in Melbourne.

20 items
  • Chocolate Brownie Bites | Vegan + Nut Free
  • Treats | Homemade Salted Caramel | 2 x 110ml
  • Cookies | Naked sugar cookies {24 x Teardrop}
  • Chocolate + Raspberry Brownie Bites | Vegan + Nut Free + Gluten Free
  • Marshmallows {Vanilla Bean}
  • Cookies | Baby
  • Cookies: Modern metallic {donut}
  • Edible Cookie dough | Treats | Vegan treats
  • Party bags | Flamingo Cotton party bags | Eco friendly party bags