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Sweet November Jewelry

I hand make all of my jewelry from scratch using traditional silver-smithing techniques. My jewelry is simple and sweet, minimalist and easy to wear. It is influenced by my northern NSW environment, which includes animals, nature and natural shapes.

8 items

Sar Bear Jewellery

Welcome to Sar Bear Jewellery. We offer a large range of fashionable necklaces, chewable necklaces (chewlery), teething and nursing necklaces and accessories for kids and adults. .

15 items

Imaginative Art

OOAK creations... stand out from the crowd and let your imagination run wild... My Art is all hand designed and made with passion. Every piece I create, there is always a story/meaning behind it.

29 items


Always interested in making things by hand, this is where the wares have found a home. From different types of clay to printmaking and photography, all items are made by hand, by Sarah herself. Each item is unquie and special.

37 items

Vicki Elle

Styled Photography for Handmade & Creative Brands - helping you have beautiful images you'll be proud to share.

15 items


Hand made multipurpose bags, zippered pouches, hand painted fabric goods and other colourful and decorative pieces to use around your home or give as gifts.

11 items


Merry-Go-Round on Made It for Divine Handmade - New, Retro & Vintage Items Shop At Home and Avoid The Crowds - Buy Online & Support Handmade :)

100 items