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Store Search Results

Wow! Crochet

Wow! Crochet is an Australian designer of crochet creations. We specialise in clothing for all ages, as well as home decor. Feel free to browse our store and contact us with any enquiries. We're looking forward to sharing our artwork with you.

19 items
  • Summer Scarf
  • Keyhole Scarf and Beanie Set
  • Messy Bun Beanie 3
  • Crochet Ripple Blanket & Beanie
  • Newborn Spiral Beanie
  • Neutral women's elegant flower beanie
  • Crochet Psychedelic Pillow
  • Messy Bun Beanie
  • 2yr Old Crochet Waistcoat

Zaetara Spa

Love Your Skin. Love Your Earth. Treat yourself to our lovingly handmade Soaps, Massage and Cleansing Oils, Shampoo Bars, Conditioner Bars, Bath Salts, Bath Bombs and more!

26 items
  • Quit Ya Beachin' Gift Pack
  • Turkish Delight Bath Bomb
  • Coffee Soap- Caffeine Hit
  • Spicesea Bath Salts (Small)
  • Coconut Beach Shampoo Bar (Small)
  • Golden Bath Salts (Refill)
  • Spicesea Bath Salts (Large)
  • Coffee Soap- Chilled Blend
  • Floral Fusion

love your work

Bold and colourful designs - we love colour and we love creating. Come in and see what we have been up to. All materials 100% cotton and wool. We support Bendigo Woollen Mills.

1 items
  • Bird House Wall Hanging

Seaside Blue

Gorgeous crochet items for everyone! Follow me on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/seasidebluecrochet/

12 items
  • Stunning Mermaid baby Tail
  • Baby Gym Boots
  • Baby Caterpillar Cocoon. 
Lovely cosy swaddle
  •   Crochet Adjustable Nappy Cover and Cowboy hat
  • Pretty pink Poncho set
  • Cotton bathroom set.
  •   Crochet Adjustable Nappy Cover and Cowboy hat
  • Falling Star Crochet Baby Blanket.
Perfect for Pram,cot, Swaddle or bassinet.
  • Golliwog, cute & tiny

Yesterdays Rainbow

Beautifully Handmade for little people who love big fun. This part of our store is devoted to children. If you are looking for something a little more grown up then please pop over to Yesterday's Rainbow Home Love Life.

45 items
  • Wine tote carrier: Grey stripes with Green lace skull.
  • Coffee Cup Wrap:
  • Balloon Ball: Buttons Red/Blue/Purple
  • Balloon Ball: Pink Monsters with Spots
  • Balloon Ball: Hexi/Chevron in Grey, Blue, Lemon: Taggie
  • Technology Pillow: Spiderman.
  • Coffee Cup Wrap:
  • Balloon Ball: Primary Colours with Taggies.
  • Balloon Ball: Hexies & Chevron in Pink, Peach, Grey tones


Decorating a nursery to welcome your newborn home, or creating that awesome play space for your toddler? It's their little peace of heaven where they can dream, play and be happy. Something that with bring a little magic to their room.

16 items
  • Tassel garland wall hanging
  • "Pan" acrylic painting
  • Macrame 3 knot decor
  • Yellow macrame wall decor
  • Magical Unicorn
  • Pom pom garland
  • Pink and purple Wall Decor
  • Lemon and Mint Boho Feathers
  • 3 Piece Acrylic Pouring Set


handmade, homegrown, heartfelt

12 items
  • Wool and soy blend Mobius collar, rust, teal and turquoise colours ON SALE
  • Necklace made from timber beads hand tooled from reclaimed cedar and oak
  • Dried anise mint leaves Agastache Foeniculum 10g
  • child's crocheted beret, pure wool, purple, green and blue
  • child's hand knitted skirt. 100% cotton, blues ON SALE!!!!
  • crocheted cloche made from acrylic yarn. Black, pink and yellow with flower
  • Crocheted headband, maroon and black acrylic with flower
  • Crocheted bowl made from brown wool and teal cotton
  • Brooch handcrafted from reclaimed hardwood and vintage Hungarian stamp

Li'l Birdie Shop

1st Birthday Bow tie Onesies for Boys, Personalized Birthday Designs for Girls, Matching Accessories & Party hats

47 items
  • Emerald Green or Mint Glitter Baby Tutus Chiffon Ruffle Baby Pettiskirts with bu
  • Dinosaur Theme Onesie and Party Hat 1st Birthday Boys Outfit
  • Fathers Day Gift Baby Outfit. All Onesie Sizes Available
  • Baby Girl's Lilac Chiffon Tutu with bloomer Size 6-36m
  • 1st Birthday Boys Personalized Bow Tie, Suspenders, Name & Number 1 Onesie
  • 1st Birthday Cake Smash Party Outfit Tutu Onesie & Headband & legwarmers
  • 6-36 Month Baby Tutus Hot Pink, Black Or Ruby Red
  • Baby Girl's First Christmas Bloomers and Headband Set
  • Baby Girls Pretty Purple First Birthday Flower Crown & Pettiskirt

Have a nice day

Beautiful, Japanese inspired handcraft by Suzuki.s.s

42 items
  • Foldable eco tote / BLUE - STRIPE
  • Scrunchie / PINK - ethnic
  • Foldable eco tote / PINK - MARBLE
  • PADDED POUCH - GREEN - WAVE / Glasses case
  • Drawstring Round Pouch - RED - Sakura
  • Drawstring Round Pouch - Multi colour - DOT
  • Bow hair elastic - AQUA -KIMONO / Japanese crape /  ponytail / FREE SHIPPING
  • Bow hair elastic - NAVY PURPLE - KANOKO / Kimono / ponytail / FREE SHIPPING

Blue Dragonfly Art by Kay Whitmarsh

I am an artist living in southern Adelaide, South Australia. I make a variety of handmade items but specialise in fused glass objects. Here you will find my range of Jewellery Puddle Pendants, Glass Sun-Catchers and occasionally other treasures.

23 items
  • Blue/Red Glass Sun-catcher
  • Blue handmade glass sun-catcher
  • Blue Glass Sun-catcher
  • Embroidered Echidna Cushion Cover
  • Glass Clock
  • Boxed Glass Pendant
  • Glass Pendant
  • Embroidered  Bird Cushion Cover
  • Glass Pendant


I am a Canadian-born artist currently living in Brisbane, Australia. I weave pine needle baskets inspired by my Native American Indian & M├ętis roots.

22 items
  • Boho Dangle Drop Long Beaded Earrings, Tree of Life - "Summer Leaves"
  • Boho Dangle Drop Long Beaded Earrings, Tree of Life - "Summer, White Sea Shell"
  • Handwoven Pine Needle Spiritual Healing Basket ~ "Clay and Fibre No.2"
  • Native American-Style Dangle Drop Long Beaded Earrings - Night Owl
  • Handwoven Pine Needle Spiritual Healing Basket ~ "Autumn No.2"
  • Handwoven Pine Needle Spiritual Healing Basket ~ "Clay and Fibre No.1"
  • Native American-Style Dangle Drop Long Beaded Earrings - "Fertility Antlers"
  • PERSONALISED Handwoven Pine Needle Spiritual Healing Basket (Extra Large Sculp)
  • Hand Drawn Coloured Pencil Art Print on Fabric (Australian Wedge-tailed Eagle 2)

Made For Little Ones

Unique and individually made items. Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/Imakeforlittleones ; Instagram - made_for_little_ones I support Knit 4 Charities - https://groups.io/g/knit4charities

42 items
  • 3-9 mths Baby Booties Shoes, Red / Cream White Cotton, Hand Knit
  • Merino - Silk - Angora Scarf Neck Accessory, Hand-Knit, Grey / Cream blend
  • 3-6 mths Baby, Lacy Cardi, Pastel Blue Cotton, Hand Knit
  • 3 - 9 mths Baby Sandal Shoes, White / Red , Hand Knit
  • 0-3 mths Baby Jumper, Dark Grey , Cotton, Hand Knit
  • 0-3 mths Baby Jumper & Hat , Brown / Blue , Merino Wool, Hand Knit
  • Newborn Baby Booties Shoes, Cream Wool, Hand Knit
  • 3 - 6 mths Baby Lacy Cardi, Green Wool, Hand Knit
  • 6 - 12 mths, Wool, Cap Sleeve Cardigan Vest, Teal Blue Green, Hand Knit

Me, You and Betty Lu

Handmade polymer clay statement earrings made here at home on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland. I take inspiration from my past life as a florist, and my love of colour and texture.

21 items