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Chez Healing Arts

Dreamcatchers and Ceremonial Tools created from natural materials such as Vine, Sticks, Branches, Crystals, Feathers, Seed Pods & recycled jewelry, natural twine or yarn for the weaving.

13 items

Bissy Made This

If you love beautiful handmade gifts or just looking for something special for your loved one, look no further. www.madeit.com.au/BissyMadeThis

46 items

Julia Parisi Art

My name is Julia Parisi and these are all unique creations. From hand-drawn artwork to ring holders and earrings, there's something for everyone - crafted with love!

50 items

Herman Design

Richmond based designer-maker specialises in creating custom portrait illustrations of people, pets, flora & fauna and a variety of objects. Find various personalised gift items to be adorned with your custom illustration.

31 items

Ink your place

Calligraphy is an art form that inspires thought! Quotes , Prayers, Blessings and ports Mantras are emblazoned on everyday objects to display in and around your home!

8 items

Virginia Riley Designer Accessories

Artistic jewellery handmade in Australia since 1993 with sustainability in mind. This collection weaves together Swarovski crystals, found objects, fabrics, creative ideas & vintage beads from all over the world.

49 items

Love Through Colours

Hello This is my opportunity to share love and positive vibes using dot mandala painting technique. This kind of carries on their original spiritual meaning and symbolism- following the patterns to go through a journey inside my mind.

8 items