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Welcome to Hipwear - the place to find handmade skirts made from a variety of new and recycled fabrics.

72 items

Jamarlee1 Designs

Handmade makers of mini portable wine and snack tables for the Australian outdoors using wood and resin. Wooden rings and bracelets, crocheted car accessories. Enjoy!

32 items

Dig the Flow Reusables

DTF Reusables focuses on gender inclusive exposed core cloth pads. Each item is made with secondhand materials with affordability and zero waste practices in mind.

36 items

DONE by Matea

DONE by Matea is an ethical, slow, and sustainable handmade leather footwear and accessories label. All items are designed and handmade by Matea Gluscevic in her studio at The Mill, Adelaide, Australia.

8 items