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About Hill and Vale Designs

Alison's love of creating began from a young age. Creativity and textile was a natural part of family life.

It has been a natural progression over the years that has seen Alison's work evolve into a more thoughtful approach to design. With the onslaught of fast fashion and it's ethical and sustainable issues. Alison's approach to her work originates from a time when quality was paramount over quantity.

Inspiration for Alison's designs are drawn from emotion, life experiences and the environment. Designs are built intuitively with blends of colour, mark making, shapes, texture and detail. Alison prefers to incorporate into her work sustainable natural fibres of the highest quality, sourced from small local producers and recycled or other interesting materials. Alison's design philosophy is to produce wearable pieces of art with minimal to zero waste.

You can visit me website here http://hillandvaledesigns.net/