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About Eryka Garbutt Designs

Mixed media eclectic best describes my style. Mixing materials and styles, such as wire coil with Swarovski crystals, hand made paper beads with glass beads. Using coke bottles, eggshells and Tyvek makes my work just a little different. We all like to be an individual.
I paint on paper, silk or glass, decoupage any thing that does not move, I make jewelry, play with polymer clay, cast with plaster, and generally mix the techniques and materials. I also paint with paper, using paper as my palate instead of paint.
I am proud to say that I am one of very few artists who create decoupage jewelry and jewelry made with handmade paper beads.
I just love Japanese and Indian paper, which I buy direct from the manufacturer. This ensures the quality and range of papers I have access to. Buying paper at the local craft store limits your choices.
Color and texture are my main inspiration. I find things “talk to me” and the design just happens. I never sketch or plan what I going to do it just flows.