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About Ollie N Lil

I am the mother of 5 fabulous children between the ages of 21 and 13; four boys and one girl. We are very top heavy on blue & boy things at our house and it was time for the girls to join forces and plan a change!! Our plan was simple - more pink, more pretty things.
Ollie N Lil was born from my love of gorgeous fabrics, laces and doilies. Finally our home is becoming overrun with pretty, frilly and lacey things. Weekends of soccer are now replaced with the scouring of shops for vintage doilies and buttons, beautiful fabrics and laces. (Hear the boys groaning!!). We (my daughter and I) love it!! The searching is as much fun as the creating.
We haven't forgotten the boys. While we love our vintage inspired, whimsical designs for girls, we also do a range of boys tees and singlets.
We are always coming up with new ideas. So keep an eye on my store, as it is regularly updated.

Thank you for visiting my store. Have a lovely day.
Find us on facebook.....http://www.facebook.com/OllienLil
Or Instagram @ollienlil