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hi! i'm cassie. three kittens was named after and inspired by my three beautiful children, my kittens.
i began sewing and crafting when i changed my city life to a quieter farm life about six years ago. i swapped a shopping addiction for a fabric addiction and the rest is history.
i like things to be simple, stylish and practical with just the right amount of cuteness. everything is made using all new and good quality materials.
i put a lot of love and positive energy into everything i make. please look around. i'm sure you'll find something you like! i am more than happy to do custom orders if you can't find your size or you'd prefer something in a different fabric. thanks for stopping by!
three kittens is also on Facebook, search for 'Three kittens' and check it out. feel free to post fan photos.
 **please make yourself familiar with my STORE POLICIES prior to shopping**