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About The Eclectic Deer

Hi . I am Joanne Sharp, Owner of The Eclectic Deer.
All Pieces are my own Designs & Creations.
I use Found Objects, Pre -Loved , New & Donated Textiles . . . I also save Tiny Fabric Pieces, Assorted Papers & Threads to use in my Work.
My Pieces can be used to Honour & Celebrate the many Moments & Seasons of Life . . .
‘ Journey ‘ is at the Heart of All My Work.
I love designing & creating gifts that are Tactile and Interactive . . . I have a love for the meaning & significance of Elements in Nature & various Symbolisms in different Cultures, in particular, the Moon & other Celestial Bodies, Mythology, Landscapes, Tree & Flower Symbolism, Fire, Air, Earth & Water Elements . . . Sacred Shapes, Colour Healing, Animal Symbolism . . .
I have a Love for the Rustic . . . the Weathered . . . things that have Seen Life . . .

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Thank you for taking the Time to view The Eclectic Deer.
I have a lot of ideas and I create every day. I will be adding my new Pieces regularly to my Shop.
With Kind Regards,