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About Bae Bands - Funky Boho Wire Headbands

Hi I’m Kellie,

I am a SAHM to a 1 year old, I run a cattle farm in the South East of Melbourne and really needed something to jazz up my mum bun (and hide the greys!) hence Bae Bands was created!

Designed to style however you would like, whether it be to hide that hair you didn’t get time to wash, or those regrow hairs or to simply jazz up any outfit, we have a headwrap to suit.

Our wire sits loose inside the headwrap so that you have the versatility of wearing both sides of the headwrap (lots of patterns in our fabrics make each side unique so it’s like having two wraps in one) and then simply slide the wire to the top of your wrap so it sits above the ears!

Simple, fun & easy to use!