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About PicklePot Jewellery

I'm crazy about enamel jewellery, making it, wearing it and now selling it..

My name is Merilyn and I've been making and selling jewellery for many years, some may know me as my old alter ego triballine, I'm on Facebook as Triballine.com if you want to have a look.

Enamel is a relatively new venture for me but I am loving it, l love watching the piece change from raw copper to high gloss and seeing the colours reveal themselves in all their glossy glory, its alchemy.

What is Enamel
Enamel is actually fused Glass. The art of enameling is fusing glass to metal, most commonly copper although silver too is used. The process involves sifting multiple layers of glass powder onto a copper piece and firing it layer by layer to temperature, each piece usually has 3-4 layers but sometimes many more.

Raw Copper once heated usually has a layer of fire scale that needs to be removed, the copper is immersed in acid to do this and the acid is kept in a picklepot, hence the name of my shop.

Enamel can be unpredictable, each piece is handmade, it's cut, countered, cleaned, layers of glass are fused to the copper with a torch and the item is cleaned and polished before it's ready to be revealed, and no 2 pieces will ever be the same.

I hope you love your Enamel Jewellery as much as I love making it.

Please be aware that the colours may vary depending on the device you are viewing the item on.

Its not always easy to visualise the size of things from a photo so I thought this might help.
16mm is just a little smaller than an Australian 5 cent piece which is 19.41mm
25mm is the same size as an Australian $1 dollar coin which is 25mm
30mm and larger can be compared to an Australian 50 cent piece which is 31.50mm