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About Journey of the Crocheter

Hi, I'm Diane. I started crocheting as a stay at home mum who needed a new hobby to stimulate my braincells. I figured that my mother and both my grandma's could do it beautifully, so it might be genetic. Turns out I was like a duck to water. I LOVE IT! But according to my husband, there is a limit to how many crocheted items one house needs. So to justify the quantity I make, I must sell also.

One of the most fun things about crocheting is when someone challenges me by saying "Can you make me a..." I really love a new adventure and some of my best pieces have been out of left field custom orders.

My home is where all my magic happens and it is smoke, dog and cat free. We do have a cockatiel, but she chooses not to get involved! And the chickens have no idea what the humans do inside the house!

I hope you enjoy my shop!