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About Paper Heart

I have always loved to craft and create, to give something handmade, constructed from a small idea that blossoms into a bigger one.

To see the smile of joy when an envelope is opened or hear the giggle of delight when a gift is unwrapped. This simple pleasure is what encourages me to keep on creating and to expand my knowledge of the art of crafting.

My name is Annabel and I am 14 years old, balancing school and sports with crafting and photography. I combine a wide range of colours with my favourite art materials, forming many creations, along with the helpful advice from my friends and family. Three of my idols are my mum and grandmothers, who also share my love of art, and have helped me over these past years, providing useful tips to help make the crafts you see here today.

I hope you enjoy looking at my photos of handmade crafts, and that you may even treat yourself to one!
~Paper Heart xoxo