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About Drink Coffee and Read Books Gift Shop

Drink Coffee And Read Books is a Bookish range created by me in Adelaide, Australia. The range features original Handmade Designs such as Bookmarks and soy Candles. If you have any project ideas or specific colours/patterns you would love to see in stock, please do not hesitate to let me know. I adore new ideas and love to be inspired and challenged. All these items are handmade with love and shipped directly from me to you.

I suffer from anxiety and depression. I face anxiety in social situations, especially around people I don’t know and places that I am unfamiliar with, which also makes it incredibly hard to work or get an ordinary job.

Being creative and having a challenge are reasons for opening up this shop, this is my dream job.

I have spent my whole life dealing with mental illness, and I still do, although I can now function far better than before, I still struggle severely. I cannot work, as my anxiety is just still too high for that. I created this shop mostly to make a bit of an income. I knew I was creative and could make crafts and have a good chance of making a nice bit of money on there. That was the main reason I started this shop anyway. But since Opening this shop it's become to me than that.

If you decide to shop at Drink Coffee and Read Books just know that it's going towards a good cause and I would appreciate your help in this. Thank you in advance!