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About Soaping in the Shed

Hello, welcome to my store, Soaping in the Shed.
A lot happens in my allowed space in the farm shed from making soaps, fire starters, woodwork and wreaths!
I sell at our local markets here in Central Qld and here on line at Made It.
All of my soaps use local tallow with the exception of a small portion of Shea and Cocoa butter soaps for those who are opposed to animal products.
The plant based fire starters are made from everything I forage around the farm and garden, all safe, combustible materials. With the addition of vegetable wax, the fire starters are safe and easy to use.
I also crochet dish cloths, wash cloths and pot holders when I feel like just sitting and chatting or watching TV.

Thank you for taking the time to read about my small country business.............Vicki