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About KeiMade - Handmade Earrings & Kawaii

Add a pop of colour and smile to your day with KeiMade earrings. Each unique jewellery is designed and intricately handcrafted one by one in VIC, Australia.

Hi, my name is Kei, and I make ‘kawaii’ earrings and homewares. Kawaii is a Japanese word for cute, pretty, and delightful.

Please follow me and Mr Fluffypants on Instagram @kei_made, or read more about me on MadeIt Designer Spotlight https://madeit.com.au/Main/DesignerSpotlight?Id=1232


How flower charm earrings are made:
Each plastic charm is hand-painted onto a sheet of plastic and cut out one-by-one and heated to make them shrink, thicken, and harden. This is done one at a time so that they can be straightened or bent into shape while they're still very, very hot - within 5 seconds they harden so this warping process needs to be done very quickly with thick winter gloves to keep my fingers safe. Some flat charms are then coated with resin to give them sheen and a bubbly finish. Once all charms are created individually, they are put together to make kawaii jewellery.

How resin earrings are made:
Resin pieces are made with clear UV resin liquid mixed with colouring powder or dye. These are cured in a silicone mould with a UV light one layer at a time, which can often be a very slow process. Little adornments are made and either trapped inside the resin or applied on the outside.

How my soap art is made:
Soap bars are made from vegetable-based soap bases. I'm moving onto palm-free and SLS/SLES free soap bases, so please check the ingredients list in each item description. Small shape embeds are first created with soap and embedded into the soap bars - so you won't need to worry about any plastic toy bits getting in the way of using them. The designs are thought out and embeds are placed so that you can enjoy the design for longer as you use the soap. They'll come shrink wrapped in cello, so you can have them on display instead of using them too :)

If you'd like to see me create, follow me on Instagram, my ID is @kei_made.