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About why not i design

Take one serious earring addiction, then add in the need for creative expression. Mix in just the right amount of caffeine-fuelled determination and a sprinkle of perfectionist tendencies and what do you get? The creation of why not i design!

My name is Rachel Tyndall and I am the creative behind why not i design. My contemporary polymer clay earrings are handcrafted in Melbourne (often in the late hours of the night and the wee hours of the morning) and are designed solely based on the belief that, 'the earrings maketh the outfit'.

If you are wearing a why not i design creation, it is my intention for you to look AND feel fabulous. These earrings are statement pieces and will definitely start conversations…for all the right reasons of course!

I have a handsome little tribe of 3 boys (under 7) and a very supportive husband at my side. My days are busy, my nights are busier and yes, it's chaotic at the best of times but that's just how we roll ; )

I have more creative ideas and designs in my head than I know what to do with and I am simply in love with the endless possibilities polymer clay has to offer. My skills and techniques are forever evolving and I welcome you to follow me on this creative adventure.