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About Sweet November Jewelry

I started my shop with the hope of sharing my unique jewelry with people who are tired of seeing the same pieces of mass produced jewelry on everyone else. I am self taught and have been making jewelry for years, I started with wire wrapping and beading, and have progressed to silver jewelry, my favorite tool is my jewelers saw, I love to challenge myself to cut smaller and more intricate pieces:)

As all of my pieces are handmade from start to finish, each piece has its own one of a kind uniqueness.
There's something special about owning something that has been hand crafted, and I want to share that philosophy with everyone.

I do not believe we can sustain the "throw-away" culture that has become mainstream, so I try to design my jewelry with the hopes that it can and will be worn for many years to come.

I choose to use recycled copper and Australian recycled sterling silver whenever possible.
My customers are my most important priority, and I will go out of my way to make sure that they are happy to have chosen to purchase my jewelry.