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About WashedUpDesigns

WashedUp Designs is my lifestyle, a collaboration of the pleasure I find in simple things.

Most of the materials I use have been ethically harvested, sustainably sourced and found by my husband and I, and used resourcefully to produce unique, one of a kind beachcombed wall art, hangings and jewellery. I also paint and draw when I can :-)

We have hand collected a shack load of treasures during our travels from island to desert to beach to bush with a bag for cool stuff to keep in one hand and a bag for rubbish in the other. For every pendant, wall hanging or ornament that was found and made, we have also collected bags and bags of plastic bottles, plastic bags, beer bottles and a bunch of other careless waste. The time taken to find and hand assemble larger wall hangings from collection to production can be anywhere up to a year.

Every piece of salvaged treasure has a story to tell, sometimes clear, sometimes a mystery but each alternative adding to the drive of what keeps us beachcombers going...

All packaging is 100% recycled and or repurposed :-)

You can follow my blog on Facebook- www.facebook.com/WashedUpD

All necklaces, wall hangings, pendants, ornaments and charms have been hand created by me along with all original artworks

WashedUp Designs- beachcomb, salvage, recycle, acquire, gather and find for clean environment and clear mind.