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About Ebony Red

Welcome to my little shop!
Here you'll find unique country cottage style wooden home decor, jewellery, and sewing!
All lovingly handmade by myself β™₯

All are my own original designs made to my particularly-fussy-highest-possible standard. Perfectly imperfect making each item a true one of a kind 😊

The timber I use for my woodworking is either sustainably grown pine and oak or recycled timberπŸŒ²β™»

For sewing, I love to use natural fabrics like linen and cotton.
My throw pillow covers and bags are also my own original designs. Sewn together very sturdily and made to last!
Oh and a little story about my sewing machine and overlocker... Both inherited. My sewing machine was my aunty's and my overlocker was my Grandma's 30? 40? something-year-old Elna. All metal, weighs a ton and goes great! 😊

And for my jewellery making I use solid sterling silver and gold filled or rose gold filled (not plated as filled is a far superior material, literally 100 times thicker than plating!)
I use the best quality materials affordable and take great pride in my craft"woman"ship.

And so, a little about me...
I am an extremely proud mum of two teenagers who never cease to amaze me.
Any chance I get to boast about them and I'll take it! Rhys and Shea are very thoughtful, intelligent, talented kids who I would fiercely give my life for in a heartbeat β™₯

My happy place is my garage where I have my work bench, drop saw, drill press and a variety of hand tools. This is where all the cutting & sanding takes place (within the noise restrictions limits of 6pm of course. The neighbours love me!)

I work full time in a public hospital clinic, and between that, being a mum to my kids and fur babies πŸ˜ΊπŸ€πŸ, much of my free time is spent blissfully absorbed in woodworking, painting, jewellery making, sewing and designing.

Ever since I can remember I've loved making, fixing and designing things.
As a kid I made toys for my mice (& still do!) I climbed trees and loved to get my hands (and everything else!) dirty 😊 Birthday cards and gifts were always handmade🎁
The creative child in me lives on.

Over the years I have experimented and learned different crafts and techniques. I'm also very grateful to the many kind and talented people who take the time to share their skills on YouTube, Pinterest and the like πŸ™

Being somewhat of a perfectionist I must say that much time and love are put into each and every item I make.
So you can be assured you will receive a high quality original design that you won't find anywhere else!

I am so grateful and humbled by each and every one of those people who, firstly chose my designs to use and/or display in their homes, but also for their many kind words of thanks and praise I have received by way of emails and reviews. To receive a simple "I love it! Thank you Sharon" gives me that warm fuzzy feeling every time. Means my work is done 😊

Thanks for your interest and for reading this far (sorry it's a bit long winded) πŸ™

You can also find me on Instagram: @ebonyred
Etsy: ebonyredcreations