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Building Blessings

Building Blessings

Welcome to Building Blessings where my hand-made crocheted items are ready to bless the precious people in your life.

Do you need a blanket, booties, beanie, infinity scarf or cowl & don't see what you want? I have a huge selection in many colours & sizes for another online store, so let me know what you'd like. Custom orders are fun for me! You choose the colours and size of what you'd like. Let's chat!
Want a larger blanket, throw or even a queen size bed blanket? I'd be delighted to make one for you in your colour choices and size.

I have sensitivities to many chemicals in everyday life. The only yarns I use are the ones which are safest for my body and therefore most likely to be safest for the precious little ones in your life. Once completed all crocheted items are washed in a fragrance free, natural solution to wash out chemicals before posting. (Please contact me if you want to know more.)

Items are READY TO POST and 10% goes to bless the Indonesian orphanages I support that are run by Aussies. I'm also a member of K4C (Knit4Charities.org) & donate lots of my hand crocheting for charity each month.
♥ Thanks for visiting Building Blessings. ♥ Enjoy! ♥

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