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About Red Zebra Designs

I am a self-professed ‘unfocused’ multi-disciplinary visual creator/ designer/ entrepreneur. I am constantly distracted by new ideas, interesting things, creative concepts, new ways of looking at problems … ‘Oooooh look – shiny light ……’ With an eclectic background as an art teacher, army officer, training and business analyst, corporate manager, business consultant and artist, I like to think I have a balance of the creative and the rationale – or maybe I am kidding myself!

I am passionate about making things that people are passionate about.

In 2017, I was a ‘hobby’ artist, jeweller, homewares designer, milliner, dressmaker, and sometime corporate business consultant… but that is so last year!

2018 was an exciting year for me personally and professionally – I have finally identified as being a full-time creator of visual things (this may just be a wanky way of saying ‘artist’!).
Visit me at linked in to see what I do (and what I’ve done).

Red Zebra Designs is one of my creative outlets – focussing on the reuse of discarded objects to create jewellery and homewares; the creation of fantasmagorical headwear, and bringing to life my fine art practice. I am also a mother; I live with cancer and am a previous designer of full coverage headwear for hairloss sufferers (visit Beautiful You Cancer Charity); charity worker; art festival helper, gallery hand ….

Creatively yours,