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About Little Goldfish Invitations & Stationery

~ a little ditty about childhood me ~

I've always been a creative soul. Despite growing up in a semi-rural town in regional Victoria, I wasn't really an outdoorsy kid. I remember getting gifts encouraging creativity - a Disney plaster mould kit for my 5th or 6th birthday, a Knitting Nana (Knitting Nancy's nana, obviously!), several long stitch tapestries - but I think I only finished one of them, whoops! I loved drawing and arts and crafts, and took as many visual arts and graphic design and communication classes as I possibly could during high school.

~ full time student and unemployed at 27 ~

Staring down the barrel of first year uni exams in 2011, I took my unemployment into my own hands and embarked on the handmade business journey.
My love of event planning, paper and design meant just one thing: I had to create invitations.
With the easy part of my venture decided, it was time for the hardest part: the name. I hadn't even put down any design concepts but I had to have a name. In less than a day, thanks to the forgetfulness of my husband (then boyfriend) Alex, Little Goldfish Invitations & Stationery was born. Alex has a short attention/memory span, just like a goldfish.

~ create and make ~

Paper is so versatile. You can print it, scrunch it, fold it, rip it, score it, cut it, mould it and then some. There are so many different paper types too - tissue, card, recycled, thick, handmade, textured, printed, and many more.
Exploring new ideas, being inspired by my surroundings wherever I am, and the ability to do something that makes me happy drives my design process.
After the initial concept and composition of designs, I almost always consult with Alex before finalising anything. He's not really creative but he has this uncanny knack of seeing something I don't.

~ bringing sunshine to your day ~

Paper and design make me happy. I want it to make you happy. I want you to feel excitement and joy (think kid in a candy shop kind of excitement) when you send your invitations and announcements or decorate your event space.

~ values ~

Everything I know about graphic design is a result of persistence and self learning. I'm not a graphic designer, but almost all of my designs are comprised of my original artwork. Just like a dressmaker buys zips and fasteners, occasionally I will outsource more intricate graphics to other artists to help make my design complete.

~ the grown-up me ~

Hi there, I’m Hollie: Designer, content curator, researcher’s wife, soon to be mumma, city lover and dweller, environmentalist, vintage lover, and of course, lover of celebrations. Alex, husband and biggest supporter, is my personal chef, my rock, and go-to guy when I’m having a creative/business crisis. When I started LGIS at the end of the first year of uni, we weren’t married, so his advice must have been good!

We live in the beautiful city of Melbourne, though I originally hail from Geelong in regional Victoria. We’re expecting our first child in early July 2016 and couldn’t be more excited! Of course, this means I’ll be taking a little bit of a break from working, but it’s highly likely that I’ll be spamming your social media feeds with baby pictures!

A recent graduate of RMIT University (December 2015), I have a degree in Urban and Regional Planning. I am passionate about providing a liveable planet for the generations to come, and one day – when we’re done with having babies – I might head off into the world of planning and environments, but for now, I am more than content in bringing you gorgeous invitations and stationery for your fabulous celebration.

A lover of all things 1940s and 1950s, it's very rare that you'll see me dressed any other way. We're slowly building our collection of vintage furniture, all purchased from either eBay or an op shop.
I want to learn to sew. A principle of the 1940s was to make do and mend. Not only do I want to sew my own garments, but I want to find old vintage pieces and make them my own by giving them my little touch
We try to live a life adopting principles of sustainability and simplicity. Learning to sew and purchasing second hand are just two little things to help us lead a sustainable and simple life.